Here’s why Ana Navarro feels manipulated by the producers

Ana Navarro on The View
Ana Navarro goes head to head with Brian Teta again. Pic credit: ABC

Ana Navarro of The View has a contentious relationship with the executive producer Brian Teta.

She is frequently on Brian’s podcast, Behind the Table The View. There, he has the ladies on and talks about various subjects.

Ana is not afraid to let him know exactly how she feels about him, or anything else for that matter.

Recently, Ana called him useless on the podcast. Brian’s crime was not knowing how to cook. Ana went at hia m full blast, telling him, “There are services for useless people.”

They will fight over anything, it seems. Halloween 2022 was another example. Brian wanted to challenge Ana over her choice of a Latina Halloween costume when she dressed as Charo.

Charo was a big hit on shows like The Love Boat in the 1970s. He wanted her to be Lucy from I Love Lucy.

This time, on the podcast, Ana plainly said how she felt the producers treat the ladies on The View.

‘I think they do it on purpose,’ Ana told Brian

Ana began her tirade, “I am irritated at you today.”

Brian replied, “Ok, here we go, what do you got?”

Knowing that Ana held nothing back, Brian had to brace himself. “The Golden Bachelor again? Why must we talk about it week in and week out?”

It is frequently brought up on The View just how much the ladies are divided over this show. Whoopi herself is so disgusted over the unending declarations of love on The Golden Bachelor that she feels like throwing up.

Brian explained to Ana that they often bring up The Golden Bachelor “because America cares about it. They care about your annoyance about it.”

Brian went on to elaborate on a hot topics meeting where Whoopi and Ana both groaned at the idea of another bachelor segment. “I saw your face start to turn white!”

Ana remembered when she thought they hooked Whoopi on the idea, saying, “I think they do it on purpose. I think they basically know how to manipulate us.”

She went on to explain that the producers make it about the hosts. If they can make a segment about the hosts and their reactions, then, all of a sudden, it is interesting.

Ana threatens to not record the podcast with Brian ever again

Since she feels already manipulated by the show, she is not afraid to draw a boundary line for Brian Teta regarding her Latina heritage. She feels it is not highlighted enough.

For example, she brought her friend Carlos Vives on the show to have the fill-in moderator, Joy Behar, act as if she wanted to be anywhere but listening to his music.

On this podcast, she pointed out to Brian that there were some podcast reviews in Spanish. She clarified that if he removed them, she would never record again. “If you remove that piece in Spanish, I’m not doing this podcast again.”

Brian appeased her by saying he would listen to ensure it was not insulting. Which, in itself, is an insult. He just didn’t realize it.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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