Here’s what’s coming to Hallmark Movies Now in October

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It’s almost October, and you know what that means — it’s almost Christmas!

But almost more importantly, that means new content is coming to Hallmark Movies Now.

There’s a lot of new content coming weekly in October, including several Christmas movies.

The full Countdown to Christmas list can be viewed here.

In the meantime, fans can continue checking into Hallmark Movies Now for new content every week — including new episodes of the Hallmark original series, When Calls the Heart, which has new episodes available every Thursday on the platform.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming to Hallmark Movies Now in October.

October 5: A Paris Proposal and Autumn in the City

October 5 starts with A Paris Proposal starring Alexa PenaVega and Nicholas Bishop.

Anna (PenaVega) is an account manager for a New York City advertising agency who has an opportunity to land what’s possibly the biggest client of her career, Durand Diamonds. However, her boss sends both her and her colleague Sebastian (Bishop) to Paris to make the pitch and seal the deal.

Their work styles clash, as Anna plays it by the book, and Sebastian is a bit more extravagant, which will land them in some trouble. Plus, Paris is an emotional place for Anna, as she and her now ex-husband honeymooned there at the start of their short-lived marriage.

In a misunderstanding, Durand believes Sebastian and Anna are married and are extremely excited to have a real-life couple in charge of the creative vision of their brand.

As usual, things don’t always go according to plan, and their fake relationship becomes a bit harder to maintain when Sebastian’s family gets involved. Will they be able to secure the deal, and save their professional lives and their budding romance? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Also hitting Hallmark Movies Now on October 5 is Autumn in the City, starring Aimee Teegarden, Evan Roderick, and Colleen Wheeler.

The story follows Piper Grant (Teegarden) as she moves to New York for a fresh start and to find her passion again. During her time going between different temp jobs, she meets Austin Edwards (Roderick), an aspiring writer looking to make a name for himself away from his famous journalist mother (Wheeler).

Piper’s sunny spirit clashes with Austin’s jaded personality, but the magic of autumn will bring them closer together. Eventually, Piper realizes her passion is illustration, and she and Austin come up with an idea to work together and possibly learn that what they’re actually looking for is love.

October 12: Hearts in the Game and Sweet Autumn

Hearts in the Game, starring Erin Cahill and Marco Grazzini, follows Hazel Miller (Cahill), a top publicist in NYC who is looking to build her career into an empire. Diego Vasquez (Grazzini) is a top MLB pitcher who froze during Game 7 of the World Series and Hazel’s old high school fling.

Hazel is tasked with improving Diego’s image, which stirs up old memories and creates some personal and professional problems.

Also coming on October 12 is Sweet Autumn, starring Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker, and Henriette Ivanans.

Successful entrepreneur Maggie (DeLoach) returns home for the reading of a will and learns that she has inherited half of her aunt’s famous maple candy business.

However, maple supplier Dex (Walker) inherited the other half, and Maggie can’t figure out why. Through some letters that Aunt Dee (Ivanans) left, Maggie and Dex look for the reason behind Aunt Dee’s final wishes.

October 19: A Royal Christmas Crush, Christmas Class Reunion, Inventing the Christmas Prince, Lights, Camera, Christmas!, Christmas at Graceland, and Road Trip Romance

October 19 seems to kick off the Countdown to Christmas for Hallmark Movies Now, as there are many Christmas movies coming to the platform on that Thursday, and the official Hallmark Countdown to Christmas begins on October 20.

A Royal Christmas Crush stars Katie Cassidy, Stephen Huszar, Charlie Ebbs, Angela Besharah, and Kathryn Kohut. The story follows Ava Jensen (Cassidy), a talented architect who joins her Uncle Karl (Ebbs) in the frozen kingdom Fríðrland to build a special ice castle for the Royal Family.

While there, Ava meets Prince Henry (Huszar), and they totally fall in love with each other despite their vastly different worlds. However, there’s trouble in paradise as the noble Brigitta (Besharah) seeks to marry the Prince and will do her best to sabotage the new romance between the Prince and Ava.

Christmas Class Reunion stars Aimee Teegarden, Tanner Novlan, Marshall Williams, Maya Ford, Dejan Loyola, and Stephanie Bennett. Elle (Teegarden) is spearheading her class reunion 15 years after they graduated, but things quickly fall apart, which is just fitting for the “cursed class.” Elle teams up with Devin (Novlan), who served as the class vice-president but is a bit of a troublemaker.

The story follows notable people from the class, such as Elle’s old high school crush and the most popular high school couple, as they all prepare for the Christmas Eve reunion despite any hardships that come their way.

Inventing the Christmas Prince, starring Tamera Mowry-Housely, Ronnie Rowe Jr., and Isabel Birch, follows Shelby (Mowry-Housely), a hardworking rocket engineer and devoted mother to her daughter, Grace (Birch). Shelby has worked hard to keep the magic of Christmas alive after her husband passed away a few years ago and wants to keep the spirit going with Grace.

Part of the spirit is going along with a story Shelby invented that follows the Christmas Prince — a story that Grace loves. Later, Grace mistakes Shelby’s stern boss, Evan (Rowe Jr.), for the Christmas Prince.

Shelby promises she won’t leave as long as he plays along with his role as the Christmas Prince, and it doesn’t take long for this Scrooge to start showing the Christmas spirit.

Lights, Camera, Christmas! stars Kimberley Sustad, John Brotherton, and Larua Soltis. A movie shoot has come to a small town to film a Christmas movie, and local boutique owner Kerry (Sustad) is hired at the last minute to replace the costume designer for the film.

Not only does she have this last-minute job, but she also starts to fall head over heels for the leading man, Brad Barton (Brotherton). Can their careers and budding romance coexist? There’s only one way to find out.

Christmas at Graceland, starring Kelly Pickler and Wes Brown, follows Chicago-based business executive Laurel (Pickler), who goes to Memphis to secure a family-owned bank.

Once in Memphis, she reunites with an old lover, Clay (brown), who is a local music producer with grand aspirations. Can he persuade Laurel that life isn’t all business, and maybe they were meant to be musicians together?

Road Trip Romance stars Natalie Hall, Corey Sevier, Julia Borsellino, and Elana Dunkelman. Margo’s (Hall) sister Blair (Borsellino) is getting married in three days’ time in Wichita. Margo is the maid of honor, so she has a lot of responsibilities to prepare for ahead of the wedding to make sure everything is perfect for her sister.

Of course, things go awry, and Margo ends up stuck with Alden (Sevier), who was annoying in high school, but he has to get to Wichita for his dad’s retirement celebration.

As the two travel together, they realize how much they have in common. In the meantime, Blair is working on getting her wedding together without her maid of honor, and Blair’s friend Della (Dunkelman) takes over a lot of the duties and even fancies herself the maid of honor. Will Margo and Alden make it in time for the wedding and celebration? Is Della willing to let Margo be the maid of honor?

October 26: Haul Out the Holly, Jolly Good Christmas, A Big Fat Family Christmas, Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays, Homegrown Christmas, and Love, Fall & Order

Haul Out the Holly stars Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown, Melissa Peterman, Ellen Travolta, Peter Jacobson, Carrie Morgan, and Stephen Tobolowsky.

Following a pre-holiday breakup, Emily (Chabert) heads home to visit her parents (Jacobson and Morgan), only to find out that her parents are going on a trip and leaving her home alone for the holidays. Before long, the HOA starts coming and citing Emily for decorations not being up to par to try to get her in the holiday spirit.

Headed by her childhood friend Jared (Brown), Evergreen Lane’s HOA will get Emily to join the festivities whether she likes it or not, they can’t let Emily spend Christmas moping!

Jolly Good Christmas stars Reshma Shetty and Will Kemp. American architect David (Kemp) has recently moved to London for a big film opportunity. However, it’s three days before Christmas, and he doesn’t have a gift for his girlfriend, who is also his boss’s daughter.

David crosses paths with personal shopper Anji (Shetty), who isn’t impressed with his gift card gift idea. David later decides to hire her to help him get the perfect gift and ends up on a journey across London as Anji helps him look for the perfect gift.

A Big Fat Family Christmas, starring Shannon Chan-Kent and Shannon Kook, follows San Francisco Chronicle photographer Liv Chang.

Liv has curated the perfect American life for herself and even works as a social media influencer, leaving a lot of her Chinese roots behind. That is until she has to help her family with their annual block party.

Liv teams up with Henry (Kook) to cover the block party and nearly loses all donations for the party in the end. Liv must make amends, accept herself and her heritage, and might even find true love along the way.

Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays stars Kaitlin Doubleday and Adrian Grenier and is not to be confused with the previously-listed Christmas at Graceland.

Harper Ellis (Doubleday) is a traveler who returns to Memphis for the holidays and is seeking an overseas position at a museum. While in Memphis, she decides to work as an au pair for widower Owen Reed (Grenier) while she waits for more news about her career.

Though they clash in some ways, it doesn’t take long for the two to feel a romantic spark as they push each other out of their comfort zones. Now that romance is in the picture, will Harper stay close to her love and her family, or will she continue her life abroad?

Homegrown Christmas stars Lori Loughlin and Victor Webster. Shoe designer Maddie (Loughlin) decides to sell her company and comes home for Christmas to navigate things with her family. While Maddie is ready to discuss the past, her sister and her former love, Carter (Webster), aren’t quite ready themselves.

Maddie decides to help Carter turn the barn into Santa’s workshop, and the two get closer as they reminisce on their past love. Just as she decides to set her roots down at home, Maddie receives the career opportunity of a lifetime.

Love, Fall & Order stars Erin Cahill, Trevor Donovan, and Gregory Harrison. New England farmer Hank (Harrison) finds himself stuck in a property dispute with his neighbor. His daughter Claire (Cahill), an ambitious New York attorney, returns home to help save the farm.

Once there, Claire meets Patrick Harris (Donovan), who happens to be related to the woman suing Hank and is even representing her in their upcoming court case.

It doesn’t take long for romance to spark between these two in a classic rivals-to-lovers trope, and only watching the movie will tell what happens with the farm and the couple.

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