Here’s what may have cost Mayim Bialik her job as Jeopardy!’s host

mayim bialik 42nd annual people's choice awards
Mayim poses for photographers at the 42nd Annual People’s Choice Awards. Pic credit: ©

Mayim Bialik recently got the boot as a Jeopardy! host, but there may be more to the story behind her firing.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Sony TV recently let go of Mayim.

Mayim announced the news in an Instagram post, telling her followers that the network informed her that she would “no longer be hosting the syndicated version of Jeopardy!”

Jeopardy! made a similar announcement on the heels of Mayim’s, telling their Instagram followers that Ken Jennings will remain the sole host of the popular quiz show to maintain “continuity” for its viewers.

According to entertainment journalist and long-time former editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter, Matthew Belloni, Mayim’s support of the Writers Strike may have had something to do with it.

Last season, Mayim stepped away from her co-hosting duties alongside Ken Jennings to show her support for the Writers Strike.

Ken has filled in for Mayim during her absence, including hosting Celebrity Jeopardy!

Mayim Bialik supporting the WGA strikes ‘contributed’ to her Jeopardy! firing

According to Belloni, “While Sony insists the parting is to ‘maintain continuity’ for viewers, Bialik’s actions during the strike were at least a contributing factor, according to three sources close to the show,” per an e-mail via Puck News.

Belloni spilled some piping hot tea, adding that Suzanne Prete, a Sony TV executive, and Michael Davies, Jeopardy!’s executive producer, were “furious” with Mayim for shirking her hosting duties in May.

Other factors played a role in Mayim getting canned, per Belloni, including the Blossom alum negatively affecting the “precise timing” that goes into filming Jeopardy!, the lack of “love” for Mayim on set, and Sony switching up their filming schedule to accommodate Mayim as she filmed for her sitcom, Call Me Kat.

“Bialik’s reps were told that by refusing to perform, she was in breach of her contract,” Belloni added.

Mayim expected ‘business as usual’ after the strikes, but Sony TV wasn’t having it

Belloni said that Mayim had the opportunity to continue hosting during the season, but “she said no thanks.”

“Post-strikes, Bialik had expected business as usual, but Sony recently informed her that her services won’t be needed next season,” Belloni elaborated.

But that might not be the last Jeopardy! viewers see of Mayim. Belloni also noted, “Assuming the primetime Celebrity Jeopardy! and the college tournament are renewed by ABC for 2024-25 (a safe bet), she may still stay on those.”

“But given her anger, I’ll be a bit surprised if that happens,” he said.

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Cathy Brandt
Cathy Brandt
2 months ago

It would be fine with me if we never see her on Jeopardy ever again. Ken Jennings has been a faithful host. He can handle all of the Jeopardy hosting without any help.
He was a Jeopardy champ. Alex would be satisfied with him at the helm.