Here’s what Mark Consuelos describes as his ‘nightmare’ at home with Kelly Ripa

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa in New York City at an event.
Mark Consuelos describes this as a “nightmare” at home.Pic credit: ©

After a week of previously recorded shows on Live with Kelly and Mark, the duo is back with new episodes this week.

This week also celebrates a special anniversary for Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa’s husband. He has been on the show for one year as her co-host.

He came on as co-host after Ryan Seacrest left for greener pastures, even though Mark admitted he was worried the move would hurt his marriage.

The timing of Mark’s first anniversary on the show is a perfect opportunity for Kelly Ripa to share an interview with Mark on her podcast.

Kelly’s podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, shared its latest episode, The Fastest Year of His Life, on the same day LIVE hosted a special episode for the anniversary.

Mark also has the distinction of being Kelly’s first podcast guest when it debuted last year, and Kelly seemed excited to have her “baby daddy,” as she called him, on the show again.

During the podcast, Mark shared his feelings of ‘not feeling settled’ in his own home

Kelly and Mark are officially empty nesters, as their three children have all moved out, so their rooms are starting to be repurposed.

Monsters and Critics reported that they have struggled with this new role as their children move on to adulthood.

Their oldest son, Michael, has been out of the house for the longest time, and his room is now a podcast/spa area. Their daughter Lola lives in London, and the youngest, Joaquin, is at college in Michigan.

27-year-old Michael is working for Bravo on various reality television projects, and Kelly has declared he will have to “get over it” as they change his room.

As Mark joined Kelly on the podcast, he remarked about Michael’s messy bedroom, calling it “kinda like my nightmare.” He mentioned a laydown spa and podcast areas, saying he was “not feeling settled” in his home.

As Kelly and Mark bantered about redecorating the room, Kelly admitted again that Michael would have to “get over it” because he lives alone now.

Since Kelly’s podcast is now in Season 2, it is time for them to have an official studio to record it in, and Michael’s repurposed bedroom may be the perfect spot.

LIVE gives Mark and Kelly the cutest cake, honoring a year of Live with Kelly and Mark

Almost the entire Live with Kelly and Mark episode was centered around Mark’s first anniversary as the show’s official co-host.

LIVE shared a photo of Kelly and Mark behind the enormous cake in the shape of a mug that most have likely ever seen.

Kelly cut into the cake during the celebration and exclaimed how hungry Mark was as she served him a huge piece.

Happy Anniversary, Mark! May you and Kelly have many more great years on LIVE with Kelly and Mark!

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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Bill J.Chavez
Bill J.Chavez
27 days ago

They are a great celebrity couple. May they have many more years together ❤️