Here’s how Mark Consuelos’ brutally honest review caused hurt feelings on Live

Mark Consuelos at an event
Mark Consuelos was not shy about sharing his views about a dish during a food segment on LIVE. Pic credit: © Admedia

LIVE with Kelly and Mark may be showing previously recorded shows this week, but there are still new host chats, Stump Mark games, and cooking segments, such as a new one showcasing air fryers.

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, always seem to enjoy the food segments on the show, but a recent recipe did not sit well with Mark.

Kelly adheres to a diet so strict that fans worry about her health, so she loves to try the snacks and treats the chefs showcase during the food segments.

One guest has been on the show several times with Kelly, and Mark usually loves his dishes, but this time, Mark could not control his response.

The last time this TikTok star was on the show, they showcased Mark’s favorite type of sandwich, peanut butter and jelly, and he could not stop gushing over it.

Mark and Kelly are such professionals that if they did not like something, one would think they would move on to the next dish without hurting someone’s feelings, but not this time.

Mark blurted out ‘It’s awful’ during a food segment

During a food segment that included “Trending Foods” with TikTok star Corey B, Mark made an admission that seemed almost to make the chef cry.

Corey was on the show to demonstrate how to make air-fried macaroni and cheese, but things did not go well for him.

The foodie declared to Kelly and Mark that this dish was “going to blow your mind,” despite their looking aghast at the amount of cheese in it.

“More cheese?” Kelly asked at one point during the segment. Once Kelly and Mark tasted it, Kelly said, “That’s good,” while Mark initially said it tasted “Delicious!”

As Corey moved on to the next dish, something with chocolate chips and water, Mark had to stop him.

Mark said in a brutally honest tone, “I gotta tell you, that’s awful.”

Once Corey realized what Mark had said, his face fell, and he almost cried as he said, “That doesn’t hurt my feelings at all!”

Time will tell if Corey will be invited back to LIVE with Kelly and Mark or if he will even accept another invitation after that honest assessment of his recipe.

More news from Live with Kelly and Mark

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More live episodes of LIVE with Kelly and Mark will be shown starting July 1, 2024.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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debbie young
debbie young
5 days ago

He was honest. I would think the chef would appreciate that.