Heath Hutchins on Model Squad: Will Caroline be competing with her man for modeling gigs?

Heath Hutchins of Model Squad posting on Instagram
Heath Hutchins stars on Model Squad on E! — Pic credit: @heathhutchins/Instagram

Heath Hutchins may not be one of the main stars of Model Squad, but since he’s dating Caroline Lowe, he is naturally a part of the show. As Lowe really wants to work on her career in modeling and land some major deals, she does hope that Heath proposes to her down the line.

Caroline and Heath have been together for years and they share cats together. She really hopes that the two of them can make it work with both of their modeling careers going strong.

Since Heath is on Model Squad, we wanted to do some digging and show you what we found out about this male model. He’s signed to Wilhelmina Models and his healthy-looking hair, facial bone structure, and the tall figure are surely very attractive features for agencies looking for a male model.

But here’s what else Heath likes. He is a traveler and he has shared many photos on his Instagram account, where he’s seen in front of various famous landmarks. Below, he’s at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

But Heath Hutchins is also active and he’s into staying fit. As a model, one can imagine he has to maintain a certain level of fitness for certain agencies, customers, clients, and photo shoots.

One of the ways he does this is to play tennis, even though it is hot outside. Earlier this summer, he posted the photo below, revealing he was hitting the courts with Caroline.

In case you haven’t spotted Heath Hutchins on a campaign, check out the photo below. As it turns out, Heath does have a portfolio of headshots.

The photo below is one he had done in black and white that he can show off to prospective clients.

It will be interesting to see how Heath and Caroline’s relationship will continue to grow as they are both models, working in the same industry.

Model Squad airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on E!

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