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Heartbreak for Kylie and her extreme case of sagging skin on TLC’s Skin Tight

Kylie is only 21 years old but her skin makes her look so much older

Imagine you were the only one in your family with a weight problem.

On tonight’s Skin Tight we meet the young and pretty Kylie, who was the odd person out in her normal-sized family — topping the scales at over 318-lb by the time she was 18.

At five years of age, Kylie was diagnosed with a slow metabolism. Her family frantically tried to help her by portion controlling her diet, but despite these measures they could only watch as she got bigger and bigger.

Kylie as a girl, when she was diagnosed with a slow metabolism and forced to restrict calories

Now, after weight-loss surgery and 142-lb lost, Kylie has incredible amounts of skin sagging everywhere.

The gastric bypass surgery she elected to take has left her with equally disfiguring skin and she is further depressed and hopeless.

After losing 142-lb through weight-loss surgery, Kylie has a whole new set of issues

Now she is completely bereft and horrified at what her body has become.

Kylie is willing to undertake more surgeries to get the ugly skin removed, but her parents are really terrified as she had complications from her first operation.

Also tonight, plantains and rice are delicious but the source of too many carbs, and Anna’s Dominican family diet backfires for her, combined with a reclusive lifestyle.

She saw the light when she hit 320-lb at 21 years old. After weight-loss surgery, she fell down to 175-lb but quickly realized her skin was sagging so much it hurt.

It now interferes with her studies at law school. She can’t concentrate, and her relationship with her sister is going south too.

Anna fears she will never have a social life or a professional career looking the way she does. She needs the skin surgery to salvage the years ahead of her.

Skin Tight airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC

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