Hate groups infiltrated in White Supremacy: Going Under

Members of the KKK in footage from White Supremacy: Going Under
KKK members wearing robes in footage from White Supremacy: Going Under

History airs a hard-hitting new special tonight, White Supremacy: Going Under — featuring three people who risked their lives in a bid to infiltrate white hate groups.

Watch a clip from the two-hour show below as it tells the story of how the trio went undercover in some of the most fanatical hate groups in the United States.

The show comes at a time when race tensions are at an all time high, not only in America but also around the world.

But trying to infiltrate these groups from the inside is no easy matter.

As one of the trio says: “I didn’t want to get myself killed. People depended on me.”

Another adds: “I could have run away from it, or I could have fought it. I was into the fighting.”

But after taking huge risks in a bid to take the groups down from the inside, the individuals quickly found they were up against a bigger battle than they thought.

History said in a description of the show: “These individuals unknowingly become part of fighting something far larger: the tight network of American white supremacy groups that is growing bolder and stronger every day.”

White Supremacy: Going Under clip

White Supremacy: Going Under airs tonight at 8/7c on History.

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