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Has Animal Kingdom been renewed for 2020?

Is there going to be a Season 5 of Animal Kingdom?
Animal Kingdom has been renewed for summer 2020. Pic Credit: TNT

After last night’s dramatic episode, Animal Kingdom fans want to know if the show has been renewed for Season 5 in 2020.

The TNT drama killed off a major character in Season 4, Episode 12. It was a shocking choice that has fans fearing the show is ending.

Yes, there is one more episode left in the current season. The writers could use the finale to lay the groundwork for future storylines or wrap up the show.

It is hard to imagine a show premise where the now-deceased character is not on the canvas. However, Animal Kingdom is not afraid to take a big risk when it comes to storylines. In the past, the gamble has paid off with fans praising the new direction of the TNT hit.

Animal Kingdom has already proven it can survive without a major character. Baz (Scott Speedman) was killed off in the Season 3 premiere.

Baz’s death was so shocking that fans couldn’t fathom how the Cody family could continue without him. There have been almost two full seasons without the character and Animal Kingdom is still a must-watch summer hit.

The show continues to grow an audience despite losing the fan-favorite. Will the TNT hit be back for Season 5 or was last night’s episode the beginning of the end?

Renewed or Canceled?

Thankfully the Cody family is not going anywhere. Animal Kingdom was renewed for a fifth season and will return in 2020.

TNT announced the good news in July that the drama would be back next summer. There has not been a premiere data set yet. Previously it has launched around Memorial Day with 13 episodes in the season.

Fans are still reeling from losing such a pivotal member of the Cody family on the most recent episode of Animal Kingdom. The crime family’s future may be uncertain, but the show is set to return next summer.

Animal Kingdom has been renewed for Season 5. In light of the recent episode, fans have several questions going into the last episode of the season. The Season 4 finale will air next Tuesday.

Hopefully, some of those burning fan questions will be answered. It is Animal Kingdom though, which means as soon as fans get one answer ten more questions arise.

How do you feel about Animal Kingdom being renewed for 2020? Were you surprised it was coming back considering the show killed off another major character?

Animal Kingdom airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TNT.

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7 thoughts on “Has Animal Kingdom been renewed for 2020?”

  1. I am happy that animal kingdom will have a 5th season it is one of My favorite shows I can’t wait to see what’s in store for fans such as Myself?

  2. I am very happy that animal kingdom is coming back with a fifth season. I love the show and I will love it a whole lot more without momma smurf. I was praying that her time would end. The relationship between her and her boys was disgusting.


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