Hannah Montana on Netflix: Twitter is going nuts because it isn’t on the streaming service

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana fans are ready to have the show stream on Netflix. Pic credit: Disney

Hannah Montana was a widely popular Disney Channel show, starring Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart and her alter ego, Hannah Montana.

The series followed the Stewart family as they navigated the double life and fame of Miley being a pop star.

Along with Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus played her dad, Robby Stewart. Jackson Stewart was played by Jason Earles, Lily was played by Emily Osment, Oliver was played by Mitchel Musso, and the annoying little beach kid Rico was played by Moises Arias.

How long did Hannah Montana air?

The show aired on the Disney Channel for four seasons and ended with 98 episodes. It caught on and a lot of tween girls jumped on the Hannah Montana bandwagon.

It aired from 2006 to 2011, and with that there were movies made and music sold. Not only was Miley Cyrus an artist, but so was her alter ego Hannah Montana.

Is Hannah Montana coming to Netflix?

Hannah Montana was previously on Netflix, but was pulled back in 2015. However, there have been rumors about Hannah Montana returning to Netflix for months now.

The bad news for Netflix subscribers — though it hasn’t been confirmed — is that it doesn’t look like the streaming giant will Hannah Montana back anytime soon, because Disney is set to debut a package that will hold all the shows and movies it has acquired over the years.

Despite that, Twitter is seeing a frenzy of demands and pleas from fans asking Netflix to feature Hannah Montana again — with a flood of new messages about the subject appearing on the site every day.

Details surrounding when Hannah Montana will be able to be streamed are not quite clear. There is a market for it as social media is still buzzing about the show and people are watching it eight years after it ended.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Netflix is where it will land.

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