Hannah B reveals she wasn’t 100 percent sure about Jed: Talks future with Tyler C after The Bachelorette

Hannah B
Hannah B speaks out about her future with Tyler C. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah B’s finale was much more dramatic than fans had anticipated. Not only did she break off her final engagement to Jed Wyatt, but she also asked out Tyler Cameron in a bold move on the After The Final Rose segment hosted by Chris Harrison.

During the interview, Hannah didn’t have enough time to explain why she felt Jed was the right choice at the time. Instead, she focused on her decision to move on, dumping him after catching him in a lie.

Hannah gave an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, where she talked about why she decided to choose Jed over Tyler during the finale.

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“I loved two different people,” Hannah told the magazine “And I was getting engaged to one and breaking up with the other all on the same day. I was trying to make a choice, but you can’t shut off emotions. I wanted to be 100 percent sure, but I don’t think I ever was. He was the scary choice, and Jed was more familiar. In that moment, [choosing Jed] felt like the safest, best decision I could make.”

During the After The Final Rose segment, Tyler appeared more than happy to go out for drinks with Hannah. In fact, he told PEOPLE magazine that he values their friendship. But he also pointed out that jumping into a serious relationship right away probably isn’t the right thing to do.

“I cherish Hannah and value her and our friendship so much, but I don’t think it’s healthy for us to jump into anything right away. I think we need to be friends and see where life takes us. Whatever happens, happens,” Tyler explained.

And it sounds like Hannah agrees, revealing that she doesn’t know where the future will take them.

“Tyler will always have a place in my heart no matter what our relationship looks like. The feelings I developed for him were real and they don’t shut off instantly. And it’s hard to say [yet] what the future holds with him, or anyone else,” she told the magazine.

On Instagram, she revealed that she was planning on going for drinks with Tyler but that the date would not be filmed. This would be a chance for them to catch up and bond after their breakup in Greece.

“And to your burning questions: Yes, the drink is happening. No, you’re not invited. I’m really appreciative that Tyler has always had my back and supported me through all my decisions. He constantly encourages me to lean into the strong woman that I am. He’s a really good man, and I’m going to be his biggest fan in whatever makes him the happiest,” Hannah explained on Instagram.

One thing is for sure – fans will be watching their Instagram accounts to see if and when these two see each other and whether they’ll be an item in the future. It seems that the whole country is rooting for them.

The Bachelorette wrapped up on Tuesday night on ABC.

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