Handsome Siblings finale: Xiao Yu-Er and Hua Wu-Que have their battle to the death

Handsome Siblings C-drama poster
Chen Zhe-Yuan and Hu Yi-Tian play the “handsome siblings” in this unique C-drama. This is one of the official posters for Handsome Siblings. Pic credit: iQiyi/Netflix

Last month, Netflix featured a brand, new Chinese drama (C-drama) titled Handsome Siblings. Despite utilizing the popular plot of pitting two brothers against each other in the Wuxia (martial heroes) genre, Handsome Siblings turned out to be quite unique compared to past C-dramas.

Now after 44 episodes have aired, Handsome Siblings has concluded. The C-drama was very entertaining from start to finish. Hua Wu-Que (Hu Yi-Tian) and Xiao Yu-Er (Chen Zhe-Yuan) did have their fight to the death. However, both of them actually won in the end.

Learning and growing until their final battle

The story of Handsome Siblings centers on two brothers, Hua Wu-Que and Xiao Yu-Er. They are twins who are separated at birth as part of a revenge plan made by the master of Yi Hua Palace, Princess Yao Yue. Wu-Que is taken by Princess Yao Yue.

They are trained in their martial arts while Yu-Er is taken by the Divine Swordsman Yan Nantian (his uncle) but by a turn of events, would be raised by members of the Ten Great Villains.

While Hua Wu-Que and Xiao Yu-Er grow up, they are influenced into thinking they are bitter enemies to partake in a battle to the death. Life for them suddenly throws them a twist when they actually become best friends.

Overall, the story of Handsome Siblings is very typical of Wuxia C-dramas, but the execution and direction are quite unique. For starters, Hua Wu-Que and Xiao Yu-Er become acquainted with each other quite early in the series.

Their adventures together taking on the likes of the Zodiac Gang, the Ten Great Villains, and other antagonists bind them together, helps them grow. It actually helps make their final battle that more climatic.

Eventually, both Hua Wu-Que and Xiao Yu-Er have their final battle in the finale. If viewers were to compare the two from the beginning of the C-drama to the end, it is easy to see the changes the two had through their adventures.

Apparently, these changes they had are the reason they are able to have their fight but both still win in the end, thanks primarily to Xiao Yu-Er.

Throughout the series, Xiao Yu-Er keeps calling himself the “smartest person in the world.” Though true, the only “flaw” is that his smarts have always been used for selfish reasons. In the fight, he finally uses his smarts selflessly as a means to end the fight without having to kill his brother. He does this by taking a poison that only mimics death temporarily.

During Xiao Yu-Er’s temporary death, Princess Yao Yue monologues her revenge plot. Of course, she is surprised when Yu-Er suddenly wakes up. Driven mad from her revenge failing, Princess Yao Yue hallucinates Jiang Feng, Yu-Er’s and Hua Wu-Que’s father, following him off a cliff.

Now free from Princess Yao Yue’s revenge, Hua Wu-Que and Xiao Yu-Er live the rest of their lives as the new heroes of the country. Not only that, they don’t have to tackle this task alone not just as siblings, but with the women they love.

Wu-Que ends up with Tie Xin-Lan (Vicky Liang), a woman who originally followed Yu-Er on his adventures. As for Yu-Er, he ends up with Su Ying (Liang Jie), a woman who is able to match wits with him.

A C-drama worth viewers’ time

Ultimately, Handsome Siblings is a C-drama that is worth the time for viewers to watch. Unlike other C-dramas that may either lag in the story or take too long, this C-drama just gets it right. The characters are memorable, the plot progresses well, and the ending is satisfactory.

Handsome Siblings has completed its original airtime beginning back in January. However, C-drama fans living outside of China will be able to watch the entire series, all 44 episodes, in its entirety exclusively on Netflix.

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Lynn Muriel
Lynn Muriel
3 years ago

I loved the show I can go back and watch over again, the brothers are both awesome, handsome and smart, I wish the near future will be on DVD, great show

2 years ago

Please can’t it be downloaded?