Gus Smyrnios romance novel covers: Where can you find them?

Gus Smyrnios in the Floribama Shore confessional
Gus is gracing the covers of several romance novels

Floribama Shore returned for a second season on MTV and already, Gus Smyrnios is standing in the spotlight. On tonight’s episode, a few of the romance novel covers he is on were shown.

Gus Smyrnios has been a hot commodity in the romance novel genre. His good looks have caught the attention of several authors. This job was a fluke he fell into, not something he actively was pursuing.

When the reality star was hanging out with a model and met her agent, he was immediately talked to about working in the industry. Gus Smyrnios had no idea he would be a big deal, but within the first year or so, he had sold 40 covers. Recently, he revealed that he has sold over 70.

After bringing Mikayla home for the night, the girls mess with Gus in the morning. Aimee came down with two romance novels, offering to give her a gift. Not only was it funny, but it also gave Smyrnios some publicity for the work he shot that was chosen for the covers.

M. Never has her book featured on the show this week. Several people have shared it on social media since spotting it. She has used Gus more than once, something that shows he fits the characters she is writing.

There is a gallery from the agency that reps Gus Smyrnios. This book cover modeling is a huge industry, but no one really talks about it. Gus got lucky with this gig,  and now, even those who don’t watch Floribama Shore can see his good looks.

Floribama Shore airs Monday nights on MTV at 10/9c


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