Gubi Chairs on Always Be My Maybe: What are they?

Gubi Chairs on Always Be My Maybe: What are they?
Always Be My Maybe has introduced the world to Gubi Chairs. Pic credit: Ed Araquel/Netflix

Netflix released the comedy movie Always Be My Maybe this past weekend and it has everyone talking about Gubi Chairs.

Always Be My Maybe

The movie starring Randall Park and Ali Wong received almost unanimous critical acclaim, with an impressive 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, called a “delightful” (Roger Moore of Movie Nation) movie that “effortlessly balances laughs with drama” (Matt Goldberg of Collider).

Even the bad reviews call it a “well-structured romantic comedy” (Benjamin Lee of Guardian) that is “pleasant enough to watch” (Brian Lowry of CNN).

However, one of the highlight moments of the movie when it comes to laugh-out-loud comedy comes from a minor character played by Casey Wilson (Happy Endings).

Wilson portrays Chloe, a designer working with Ali Wong’s celebrity chef Sasha Tran on designing her San Francisco restaurant. Chloe seems obsessed with adding Gubi Chairs all around the restaurant, and after watching the Netflix movie, everyone is talking Gubi Chairs.

What are Gubi Chairs?

If you were to wonder, yes, Gubi Chairs is a real thing.

Gubi is a global company that offers up its high-end chairs, which are beloved by interior designers. Based on the company’s Instagram account, they seem to be in restaurants all over the world, so it is obvious why the character of Chloe is so enamored by them.

According to their website, Gubi Chairs run anywhere from €289.00 to over €1,059.00 for a set of four.

Always Be My Maybe is streaming right now on Netflix.

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