Guardians of the Glades exclusive: Python tug of war has Brittany side-eye Gary on finale

Brittany Borges is all over this runner of a python in the finale. Pic credit; Discovery
Brittany Borges is all over this runner of a python in the finale. Pic credit; Discovery

Another day in wet, hot and humid Florida means that the Guardians of the Glades team of snake hunters lead by Dusty Crum are on the tail (literally) of a huge Burmese Python.

The Tuesday night finale of this exciting new series sees an insane python tug-of-war as Dusty and his crew are using every ounce of strength to hold on to a python that is so wiry, it resists all their efforts.

This snake is not going gently into that goodnight and will fight tooth and tail to keep from being culled from its happy place. The Florida Everglades are now beset with this interloper species.

The funniest bit, however, is when Gary walks up on Brittany, who is arm deep into a snake hole holding the tail of a python and he asks, “What have you got?”

You  can see the thought bubble pop-up  over an exasperated Brittany Borges’ head as she looks at him like, ‘dude!’ And she says, “The TAIL!…Welcome to the show, Gary!”

Read our exclusive interview with Dusty Crum here!
Read our exclusive interview with Brittany Borges here!

Our exclusive clip sees Tom, Brittany, Gary, Dusty and guru Jay all doing their best to hold on and yank that sucker out of its escape hole. As you watch the clip, you can see how the long muscled snake is a an advantage.

The six-episode series centers on Dusty Crum and his cracking crew which includes Clark, survivalist Tom Cobb, Jay Staff, and his rookie Brittany Borges. Crum is based out of Myakka City in Florida’s Manatee County.  The series focuses on Crum and his team capturing the invasive species that has devastated indigenous wildlife. The pythons can measure 12-18 feet and are lethal.

To help stop the python takeover, Crum enlists rookie Brittany, swamp guru Jay, wildlife expert Gary, survivalist Tom and Riley who is the “the No. 1 Python-hunting beagle in the state of Florida.”

In the clip, Brittany is working alongside the guys and she says: “Oh he’s [snake] digging further he’s digging further!

Gary walks up and observes. He says: “Hey what do you got? What do you got right there?

Brittany answers Captain Obvious: “The tail…welcome to the show, Gary!”

Dusty explains that a snake will do everything it can to get away from a hunter. The snake will try to hook his body on a tree or dive in holes and just to pull away from you and slip out of your hands.

As the action progresses, Brittany says: “I had no idea that these things are literally as strong [as they are].”

Jay the Swamp Guru says: “We don’t want to hurt this creature but we have to get it out of here everything that comes into its path it’s gonna kill in the most excruciating way.”

What snake are the Guardians hunting?

The invasive species featured on Guardians of the Glades is the Burmese python, a snake that feels right at home in Florida. This python has managed to establish a breeding population in the Everglades.

Now they are numerous enough to keep the species going in the region even without snakes dumped by pet owners wary of their size and strength.

An invasive species is an introduced species that wreaks serious damage to either the local environment or to humans in local commerce and in the environment.

Guardians of The Glades airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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