Growing Up Hip Hop New York exclusive: Flavor Flav’s kids stage an intervention and it turns chaotic

Flavor Flav on Growing Up Hip Hop New York
Flavor Flav isn’t interested in an intervention. Pic credit: WEtv

Flavor Flav’s kids are really worried about their dad. So worried, that on the Growing Up Hip Hop: New York season finale, they stage an intervention in hopes that they can help get their father sober.

In this exclusive Growing Up Hip Hop: New York sneak peek, Da’Zyna, Quan and Will sat down with their dad to try and talk some sense into him. They want Flavor Flav to give up drinking, something that he’s clearly not ready to do.

“We feel like you should get help,” Quan tells Flavor Flav as the sneak peek begins. “Some type of… whether that’s going to rehab, talking to somebody professionally… so either you gonna come with us or we gonna have to take you.”

The look on Flavor Flav’s face is priceless.

“I love Y’all, appreciate what you’re saying,” Flav began before Will cut him off.

“We tried to address the situation back at the house,” Will tells his father. “One thing you gotta understand is that drinking has affected family life and now you have revealed that it’s affecting your health.”

Da’Zyna steps in too, trying to help Flavor Flav understand just how concerned the three children are about his health and their future with him.

The Drayton kids point out the beer bottles in the room as they continue to argue with Flavor Flav that he really needs to get some help. They even ask him to at least consider taking care of himself because it’s so important to his kids.

That doesn’t sit well with the Public Enemy icon, who stands up and announces, “You know I love you guys. I love Y’all. I love Y’all… I’m out.”

And with that, Flavor Flav threw his hands up and attempted to leave but not before Da’Zyna, Quan and Will stood up to stop him. As they tussle in an effort to keep Flav in the room, he ends up falling to the couch with Will and Quan on top of them and Da’Zyna trying to break things up.

Check out the Growing Up Hip Hop: New York sneak peek below and tune in to the Season 1 finale tonight to see how this ends.

Growing Up Hip Hop: New York airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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