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Growing Up Hip Hop: New York exclusive — Fat Joe tries to talk some sense to his son Ryan but he can’t make him listen

Fat Joe’s son Ryan wants to be a rapper, and he’s not terrible either, but his dad knows how hard it is to make it in the music business and he’s trying to set his son up for success whether he makes it as a rapper or not.

In this exclusive sneak peek for the next episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: New York, Fat Joe continues to give his son advice, hoping to help Ryan become a better businessman.

However, not all advice is taken since Ryan really wants to make it as a rapper, something that his dad isn’t sure will actually happen.

“When any customer enters the door, ‘Welcome to UpNYC,'” Fat Joe says as he walks into the store toward Ryan.

“It should be like a spiritual singing… a choir!” Joe adds as Ryan starts to argue.

Fat Joe on Growing Up Hip Hop New York
Fat Joe is trying to ensure that his son Ryan succeeds in life. Pic credit: WEtv

“I own this place,” Ryan says as Joe continues with his fatherly advice.

Fat Joe goes on to explain “what the store’s about” and how customers should be treated when they first walk in.

In the confessional, Fat Joe says, “There ain’t but ten successful new rappers every year. Nothing’s guaranteed with a rap career.”

He explains that Ryan should “definitely stay focused on the sneaker business,” calling it “Plan B” but it’s pretty obvious that Fat Joe really wants his son to treat it like his Plan A since the sneaker store has a lot better chance of being successful than his rap career.

Ryan just isn’t listening though, and it’s pretty clear that he thinks his love of music will translate over to a lucrative career in the business. In fact, he’s so confident that he’ll be a musical success that Fat Joe’s son said he didn’t even need the sneaker store!

Growing Up Hip Hop: New York airs Thursdays at 8/8c on WEtv. 

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