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Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive: What did Briana just call Angela?

Angela Simmons and Briana Latrise have been feuding for what feels like forever. Now, in this exclusive Growing Up Hip Hop sneak peek, the two women have finally come together to squash their beef once and for all.

Angela and Briana agreed to sit down for tea to talk things out after running into each other at Romeo’s party. And now, after weeks of waiting, Growing Up Hip Hop viewers will find out if the two can put their problems with each other in the past.

The problem is, Angela and Briana are both on edge, and neither one wants to take a break from taking shots at each other in Briana’s apology that quickly goes the wrong direction.

As Briana attempted to clear the air, she gave Angela the benefit of the doubt, suggesting that she may have already been feeling some kind of way about things that had nothing to do with her.

And while Angela did acknowledge she was preoccupied with her issues with Romeo, she didn’t want to talk about it and then have him blow things out of proportion.

Briana admitted that she really offended Angela, which is what started their feud in the first place. But when Angela agreed with Briana’s self-deprecation, she took a shot back and now, it looks like the two might never come together.

Was Briana right to worry that her conversation with Angela would go left? It sure looks that way! Be sure to check out this Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive sneak peek and tune in to see if these women can work things out.

Briana on Growing Up Hip Hop
Briana finally gets a chance to clear the air with Angela over tea but will they squash their beef? Pic credit: WEtv

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