Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive: Briana confronts Pepa at the party

Briana Isaacs from Growing Up Hip Hop in the confessional
Briana shows up to the party on Growing Up Hip Hop and not everyone is excited about it

It’s time for Briana to face the music after an explosive confrontation with Pepa recently. When Briana shows up to the party, she can feel the rest of the Growing Up Hip Hop cast looking at her funny and it makes her uncomfortable.

Will she be able to make amends with Pepa after they get a chance to talk it out?  It’s no secret that Briana is starting to collect more enemies than friends.

In an exclusive Growing Up Hip Hop sneak peak, we see Briana as she enters the packed house. Immediately, she runs up to hug Eric, Eazy-E’s son. She says she’s known him forever and based on their excitement over seeing each other, it’s pretty clear that there are some romantic feelings.

Briana is then introduced to Jojo, Angel’s brother who is hanging out with Eric. Immediately, Jojo begins teasing Eric about whether or not he’s ever been intimate with Briana.

We can see that Briana wants to make things right or at the very least, smooth them over with Pepa. After greeting Eric and meeting Jojo, Briana makes a beeline for the Salt N Pepa icon and asks to speak to her in private.

Briana and Pepa have been clashing hard over Boogie. At the recording party previously they got into an argument about Damon Dash’s son and now, it looks like Briana is ready to clear the air and get back on track.

With both Damon and Briana pushing for Boogie’s sobriety, it’s important that Pepa realize just how serious his problem really is. Will Pepa see things Briana’s way or will they continue to argue?

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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