Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 release date: When does show return to TV in fall 2019?

Meredith And DeLuca In Jail
Andrew DeLuca and Meredith Grey during the Season 15 finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Pic credit: ABC/YouTube

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 release date is coming up quickly and ABC viewers will find out what the future holds for Andrew DeLuca, Meredith Grey, and Jackson Avery.

A number of huge cliffhangers took place during the Season 15 finale, including DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) getting arrested for what Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) had done to save the life of a little girl with no insurance.

For ABC viewers who don’t remember the final moments of the episode, Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) were trying to get back to the hospital during a storm. It might not have gone well.

The video below gives a quick recap of the final moments that left fans of the show grasping for answers all summer. Is Jesse Williams leaving Grey’s Anatomy? Did Jackson die? We will all find out very soon.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 release date: When does show return?

The Grey’s Anatomy return date is Thursday, September 26. ABC has the show in its familiar time slot, which falls at 8/7c each Thursday evening.

ABC will follow Grey’s Anatomy with Season 2 of A Million Little Things at 9/8c and the final season of How to Get Away with Murder at 10/9c.

Promotional advertisements for the three shows are already starting to go into heavy rotation. That is definitely the case for the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. How is Meredith going to get out of this jam?

It’s amazing how much Meredith has had to go through over the years, including drowning, surviving a bombing, shooting, and plane crash, and also losing her husband (Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey).

With the Grey’s Anatomy release date on the horizon, now might be a good time to re-watch the final episodes from Season 15. There is a lot that the writers have to cover during the season premiere, so a refresher of how each character got into their current predicaments could be warranted.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on ABC for fall 2019.

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