Grey’s Anatomy return date will address Emerald City Bar car crash

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Ben Warren (played by Jason George) and Pruitt Herrera (Miguel Sandoval) were in the bar when the car hit. Pic credit: ABC

The Grey’s Anatomy return date is nearly at hand, which is good because viewers want to know what happened when that car crashed into the Emerald City Bar.

That’s not the only cliffhanger that Grey’s Anatomy fans are still curious about from the fall finale. Jo has a baby now, Amelia got shocking news at her ultrasound, Meredith found out that Cristina sent her a wounded doctor, and Miranda was reeling from some terrible news.

For viewers who may have forgotten a bit about what took place in the final moments of the fall finale, ABC has provided a great video for just that purpose. It is shared below:

When is Grey’s Anatomy return date?

The 2020 Grey’s Anatomy return date falls on Thursday, January 23. This will be Season 16, Episode 10 and it is going to be the back half of a crossover event with Station 19.

The Season 3 Station 19 release date will fall on the same night, with the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off taking over the 8/7c time slot.

It’s going to be an easy transition, as there were two Station 19 cast members in the bar when the car took out one of the walls. Will Pruitt Herrera and Ben Warren survive the accident?

Having the father of Andy Herrera and the husband of Miranda Bailey within the building will help create a lot of drama right out of the gate for the winter 2020 episodes of both shows.

It also wouldn’t be a dramatic Grey’s Anatomy episode if Jackson Avery wasn’t in the center of things, which is exactly where he was during the fall finale.

Viewers should also expect Irish surgeon Dr. Cormac Hayes (played by Richard Flood) to factor into the winter premiere, as he is still at the hospital (so is Meredith and DeLuca) when the accident takes place. Maybe he can end up with a better nickname than McWidow if he helps to save the day?

For fans who have enjoyed watching Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 over the last few years, there is also still time to re-watch Season 2 of the firehouse drama, especially since it has been so long since a new episode aired on ABC.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on ABC with new episodes in winter 2020.

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