When Does ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Return In 2019? Everything we know so far

Teddy tries to save a patient on Grey's Anatomy. She also has a secret
Teddy tries to save a patient on Grey’s Anatomy. She also has a secret. Pic credit: ABC

The Grey’s Anatomy 2019 return date is nearly upon us — and fans are going to be rewarded for their patience over the holidays when the show comes back on.

The fall finale was a very dramatic episode and one that should be re-watched by any fans who can’t quite remember what took place. In the closing moments of Season 15 Episode 8, many of the main characters at Grey Sloan were trapped in elevators.

What made the Grey’s Anatomy fall finale so dramatic was that a vicious windstorm hit the Seattle area. The hospital was inundated with patients, several doctors were placed in life-and-death situations of their own, and other doctors weren’t able to report to the hospital. The drama even carried over to Station 19, which is the sister show on ABC.


Grey’s Anatomy 2019 return date on ABC

So, when does the show come back on? The Grey’s Anatomy midseason premiere takes place on Thursday, January 17. At the time of writing, it means another week of waiting for that first 2019 episode of Season 15, but the early previews show that there is a lot of drama coming.

According to ABC, the next episode is called Shelter From the Storm and it is going to deal with the aftermath of the windstorm. The power is out at Grey Sloan, patients and doctors are trapped in all the elevators, and many patients find their lives in danger. Then there is the baby situation with Owen, Amelia, and Teddy that is going to come to a head.


Before the Grey’s Anatomy return date arrives on January 17, there is still time to catch up on the first eight episodes from Season 15. Fans can quickly binge-watch those episodes in one sitting, helping to refresh memories about what has taken place, so far, this season.

There’s been a lot, including one of the main characters dealing with cancer and quite a bit of relationship drama. But what more is to come?

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on ABC.


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