Government misinformation about UFOs exposed in Mirage Men

MIrage Men
Mirage Men – The truth is out there, but whose truth and who put it there?

Tonight on History – Mirage Men looks at how the United States government used UFO sightings to cover up advanced technology projects.

The 2013 documentary is well worth a watch and provides a fascinating insight into the thinking of the people involved.

At first the government were quick to deny the existence of any UFOs, with the likes of the Roswell incident being dismissed as weather balloons. But later they actively promoted the idea, finding it a useful cover for real and sensitive projects that were under way.

Former US Air Force Special Agent Walter Boseley says: “If you’ve got an aerial platform that is highly advanced and the public, who happen to get a glimpse of the thing, if they’re convinced it’s from Venus and there’s no way it can be our military, well know that’s awesome. ”

Of course many believers would say it was a double bluff with the disinformation campaigns being a story leaked to cover the truth about UFOs and alien visitations.

Whether you believe that or the former government workers on the film, it makes for a great watch.

One thing is for sure the Mirage Men were real, what they were covering up is up for debate.

Watch Mirage Men tonight at 8/7c PM on History Channel.

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