Gossip Girl is leaving Netflix and fans are NOT happy it’s getting taken off

gossip girl leaving netflix fans upset
Gossip Girl is set to leave Netflix, leaving fans emotional about the news. Pic credit: Netflix

Popular teen drama Gossip Girl is leaving streaming platform Netflix, and as expected, the news isn’t sitting well with many fans.

The show first arrived on The CW back in 2007, running there for six seasons and entertaining viewers for just over five years.

GG was added to the Netflix platform in 2011, giving the show new life for those who wanted to re-watch episodes or for viewers who wanted a new series to binge.

Now, the news that the show is leaving has arrived, and even though there will be a way to watch after Netflix, fans are still understandably upset about the tough news.

Fans react to Gossip Girl leaving Netflix

Gossip Girl kickstarted its popularity back in 2007 through the CW. The series followed the fictional lives of rich teenagers at several schools in New York.

Actress Blake Lively rose to fame as Serena van der Woodsen, along with Leighton Meister, who played Serena’s bestie, Blair Waldorf. Additionally, the series featured star actors, including Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, and Taylor Momsen.

Since then, they’ve all moved on to other projects, including Lively appearing in films including A Simple Favor and Ben Affleck’s The Town, and Meester in The Judge starring Robert Downey Jr.

The show itself aired its final season’s episode on December 17, 2012. The original show also found a home on Netflix as of October 2011. All six seasons have been available for on-demand streaming there for some time now.

However, a recent announcement arrived that the show will no longer be on Netflix, and many viewers are not happy with the news.

gossip girl leaving netflix
Pic credit: @GabyBonini/Twitter

One individual tweeted a GIF along with a comment suggesting it was just a sign of how rough this past year has been.

The news has hit many people hard, as various GIFs or videos show just how emotional the announcement has made people on Twitter.

Another Twitter member tweeted out a classic video clip of ESPN commentator and journalist Stephen A. Smith talking about how the Gossip Girl leaving Netflix news has affected them.

Another disappointed fan let it be known how they’ll be spending their next several weeks of the less than two months left in 2020.

gossip girl leaving tweet
Pic credit: @godismadison/Twitter

Twitter is full of comments from individuals who are displeased with this news. Luckily, there’s still that time to binge, and also other ways to enjoy the show post-Netflix.

When’s the show leaving, and where will it be next?

On Thursday, December 31, 2020, Gossip Girl will no longer be available to watch on the Netflix streaming platform. So those viewers binging it, or planning to, will need to make sure they’ve binged it all by the end of the year or use another service.

After Gossip Girl leaves Netflix, it’s expected to move to another streaming platform, HBO Max. Fans who aren’t HBO Max subscribers can see more details about getting HBO’s streaming service.

As of this report, there’s currently a free trial offered on the website. There are no details on when the show will be available there just yet.

Gossip Girl’s individual episodes or season sets are also available for purchase through Amazon Video and iTunes Store.

The speculation that HBO Max will have the original series is due to the news that a Gossip Girl reboot is coming. It was announced last year for HBO Max.

Original cast member Kristen Bell is returning as narrator, and a teaser dropped on Instagram for the series.

The reboot is expected to debut on HBO Max in 2021, as Deadline reported that production began on November 2 in New York.

For those hoping for the original actors, the reboot has rebooted its cast of characters. The show is a continuation of the original series, taking place eight years after it concluded.

Emily Alyn Lind will be in the lead role of Audrey. Per Hollywood Reporter, Whitney Peak, Eli Brown, Johnathan Fernandez, and Jason Gotay will also be part of the cast.

So, continue getting that Gossip Girl fix on Netflix while it lasts, then consider making a switch to HBO Max as needed, or checking out another binge-worthy show!

Gossip Girl is available on Netflix until December 31. Gossip Girl reboot is TBA for 2021 on HBO Max.

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