Gorgeous pics of Say Yes to the Dress’s first transgender bride with her man

Gabrielle and fiance Jaden in a photo from her Instagram
Gabrielle and fiance Jaden in a photo from her Instagram. Pic: @thedivine1384/Instagram

Tonight’s Say Yes to the Dress features the show’s first ever transgender bride — the stunning Gabrielle Gibson.

Hairstylist and makeup artist Gabrielle, 33, visited NYC’s iconic Kleinfeld Bridal store, which forms the basis for the show, ahead of her big day in November when she will wed the love of her life Jaden, 32, a transgender man.

While designer and illustrator Jaden didn’t join Gabrielle on her visit, he does feature on the episode. Gabrielle has also shared a string of gorgeous photos the couple on her Instagram over the past weeks and months…

Gabrielle and Jaden
Gabrielle and Jaden celebrating Christmas in December. Pic: @thedivine1384/Instagram
Gabrielle and Jaden
Gabrielle and Jaden back in June 2015. Pic: @thedivine1384/Instagram

During the episode Gabrielle struggles to decide what to wear, as she doesn’t want to look “too pageant”. The couple’s wedding will have the theme of “country chic” and will take place in a barn in Swedesboro, NJ, in November.

Gabrielle says: “We’re going to do rustic chic, very romantic, a fabulous starry night in the fall.”

But the dress is a dilemma. Watch the clip below as she says: “I pretty much understand what looks good on me, but now I have a new body.” She adds: “I have been doing drag for so long and I competed in some of the most beautiful evening gowns that are mermaid style — I’m so scared that I’m going to fall in love with a dress that’s sparkly and I’m like ‘nooo!’.

“I’m getting married in a barn  — who wears frickin’ rhinestones in a barn? I can’t.”

During the episode Gabrielle visits Kleinfeld with her mom Frances and some of her bridal party, where she gets help from Randy and new consultant Shay.

Gabrielle with Randy in a pic she posted after wrapping the show
Gabrielle with Randy in a pic she posted after wrapping the show: Pic: @thedivine1384/Instagram
Gabrielle in a stunning picture during her visit to Kleinfeld
Gabrielle in a stunning picture during her visit to Kleinfeld. Pic: Kleinfeld/TLC

Frances recalls Gabrielle growing up, saying: “I had this beautiful little baby boy, I mean he was just precious — but you could see that Gee Gee was in there.

“She would steal her sisters’ Barbies and her sisters’ ballet tutus and outfits, and I just kept seeing that a girl was going to blossom out of that.”

Shay, who has not been to everybody’s tastes on Say Yes to the Dress this season, says: “I am super excited to work with Gabi today.

“Being part of the LGBT community, it’s important that transgender women…kind of get their fair share, of being seen as beautiful and wonderful like any other woman.

“And it’s so incredible that here at Kleinfeld they feel comfortable enough to walk in these doors.”

Gabrielle is the first transgender bride to feature on the original Say Yes to the Dress. The Atlanta version of the show featured a transgender bride back in January 2016.

Say Yes to the Dress airs Saturdays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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