Gone on WGN America: ‘Flight over fight’ counsels Novak in exclusive preview

Chris Noth is Frank Novak, who counsels Kit in her rage moment. Pic credit: WGN America
Chris Noth is Frank Novak, who counsels Kit in her rage-filled moment. Pic credit: WGN America

Monsters and Critics has an exclusive clip from WGN America series Gone. In the preview, Kit “Kick” Lannigan (Leven Rambin) is agitated after reviewing some videotape of her violent confrontation with a pushy photographer.

She appears less than sorry for her outburst which is not sitting well with her superior Frank Novak.

Novak, played by series star Chris Noth, is trying to get her to see where she made her mistakes and advise her on her upsetting behavior.

“What the hell is that? You punch out some low life photographer is that gonna solve anything in your life? Let me tell you something…fight or flight? 90 percent of the time flight is better,” counsels Frank Novak (Noth) as Kit is defiant but acquiesces to Frank’s sage advice.

This clip is from the third episode, which airs Wednesday, March 13.

Gone is a 12-part limited series produced by NBCUniversal International Studios based on the novel, One Kick, from best-selling author, Chelsea Cain.

This series unravels the life of Kit “Kick” Lannigan, the survivor of a publicly splayed child-abduction case, and her rescuer, Frank Novak, the FBI agent who has given her a way to work through her anger so she will never fall victim again.

Astute in firearms and a skilled martial arts master, Kit finds her groove when Novak persuades her to join a special task force he heads to solve missing person’s cases. Kit’s own experience as a victim helps them get into the mind of the abductor.

Rounding out the cast and this unlikely team is Mayans M.C. star Danny Pino who portrayed an underworld cartel boss on the FX hit series last year.

Pino is cast as a former Army intelligence officer partnered with Rambin’s character on a special task designated to solve abductions and missing-persons cases.  Together they solve difficult cases and hunt down the hunters.

Read our interview with Danny Pino here!

There’s a strong PTSD element to the series as Kit (Rambin) is swamped with memories of her own ordeal and she occasionally makes bad decisions. Her emotions run high but she manages to control her fears and tamp down that unresolved trauma.

She becomes part of Frank’s team, trying to help solve the case of a pregnant woman abducted in broad daylight.

During the investigation, the team identifies a person of interest, but they soon realize everything is not as it appears. Later on, Kick’s mother, played by Kelly Rutherford, steps in with a plan to help control Kick’s emotions.

This series was created by Matt Lopez who serves as the showrunner and executive producer alongside JoAnn Alfano, NBCUniversal International Studios’ Executive Vice President of Scripted Programming, and Sara Colleton and Barry O’Brien.

Gone airs Wednesday, March 13 at 9/8c on WGN America.

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