Gold Rush exclusive: Tony Beets nearly loses a son in dramatic season 10 opener

Tony senses something is about to happen in this shot as Kevin is a little too close to loose metal parts. Pic credit: Discovery
Tony senses something is about to happen in this shot as Kevin is a little too close to loose metal parts. Pic credit: Discovery

It’s white knuckler time as our exclusive Gold Rush clip shows just how dangerous a job gold mining can be. We are with the Beets’ clan, father Tony and his sons, Mike and Kevin, who are trying to get rid of a screen and save some serious money.

Except the rush to deconstruct the metal screen nearly kills Kevin, as you will see in our first preview of a season 10 that promises insane amounts of rivalry and camaraderie betwixt the established and new miners. It won’t be bleeping boring, according to Beets.

In the voice-over, the urgency of this task is explained.

Under the threat of a twenty thousand dollar a day fine, this means Tony Beets can’t afford a delay.  The screen extension has to go, but Mike is having a hard time clearing it to lift, which means Kevin has to dust off his welding skills and cut away the metal that is impeding his brother in the dozer.

Watch as Tony is letting his sons figure it out, but then Kevin is in the wrong place at the wrong time and fade to black, the clip ends with Tony yelling for Kevin to watch out. You can see a load of metal sliding quickly in his direction.

Season 10 of Gold Rush

Once gold fever takes hold, it’s game on for our core miners.  This season marks a decade of pulling that shiny ore out of the ground as an all-new set of crews, claims, and challenges are what’s in store.

The Miners:  Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets, and also Rick Ness, who once worked not too long ago for Parker, are back and putting their all into getting the most gold.

There’s the promise of “a major crisis in the Klondike.” It’s over the water permits which have failed to come through.

Meanwhile, the price of gold is spiking, bringing a new rush of prospectors to the core crews backyards. Gambles on unproven swaths of land are in the works thanks to this overcrowding of the field.

Of Ness, Discovery says:

“Last year, Rick Ness mined over a million dollars-worth of gold on a claim of his own. This season, seeing the trouble in the Klondike, he’s decided to up his game and move his entire operation to the mountains above the historic mining town of Keno City in the Yukon…Now Rick is on a quest to bank a pile of monster nuggets of his own… If he hits the right pocket, Rick could have a multimillion-dollar payday. If he fails, it could bankrupt him.”

Of Schnabel, the boy wonder of the cast is now 25, and he has achieved his lifetime dream by owning his own claim.

Parker shelled out a half-million dollars for a perfect spot with some issues you will see unfold. His new claim is massive, measuring well over twice the size of what Parker mined last season — is he over his head?

Fans of the Beets clan take note, while Minnie minds the dollars and cents, Tony Beets has an early jump on the new season, but calamity hits as he is forced to shut down his Indian River operation after failing to get a permit. Now more than ever, Tony needs his three kids Michael, Monica, and Kevin, to save the family business from financial ruin. This new stress has the family in the uncharted emotion-filled territory.

Tune in to see what befalls the Beets kids on the opener:

Gold Rush airs on Fridays, beginning October 11, at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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