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Gold Rush exclusive: Parker cranks up Sluicifer to beat Tony Beets

Parker will not leave any juicy pay dirt for Tony on this week’s Gold Rush. Pic credit: Discovery

Gold Rush this week shows how Parker Schnabel is constantly looking over his shoulder at the Dutchman Tony Beets, his biggest nemesis in the gold-mining department on Discovery’s hit show.

Beets and his family have been killing it this season and Parker knows it.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip we see Parker giving his crew man a talk about his strategy to win the season as he surveys the pay dirt — which is really good-looking dirt, with a seemingly gold hue coloring the upturned soil.

Parker likes what he sees.

Walking and talking, Parker says: “This is some good-looking stuff in here yep…really nice… it really is nice looking pay underneath, [about] two feet of pay underneath…a lot of ground to cover huh?”

His man Dean Tosczak says: “Yep, I think we opened up too much.”

Puzzled a bit, Parker says: “You don’t think we’ll get it all through?”

Looking a bit overwhelmed, Dean says: “We could possibly get it all stacked but…I don’t…we’d never sluice it all.”

The game plan is for Parker to quit this ground this season. As Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip shows, if he doesn’t mine it he could be handing his landlord Tony Beets a three-quarter million dollar windfall. And Parker would rather pull out his own teeth than do that.

Parker says: “There’s no way in hell we’re leaving any of this behind for Tony…not if we can help it. The only way that we can use what we’ve got
to try to get this out, is to just crank that plant up.

“We won’t make any friends. Not only is the plant pretty maxed out right now but people are going pretty hard to keep up .”

Resigned to the task, Dean says: “All we can do is try.”

Adamant in his mission to thwart the Dutchman, Parker says: “I don’t want an ounce of gold left in here!”

To leave nothing behind for Tony Beets, Parker needs to push Sluicifer from 250 to 300 yards an hour and that will put a huge strain on the machinery.

And what we can count on is that machinery combined with the elements and rocks and fast speeds almost always ends up as a mechanical fail — as demonstrated time and time again this season.

Looking around at the job at hand, Parker says: “We’re definitely not gonna be here next year so any pay that we don’t get sluiced is pay that we are leaving for Tony, so we’re turning this thing up. And hopefully he can keep up with that…that’s a lot of dirt.”

Watch Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip below, and make sure to tune in to see how Beets stacks up against Schnabel and if Rick Ness’s maiden season of mining will keep him a boss or see him revert back to working for one of his peers.

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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