God Friended Me: Has it been canceled or renewed?

Brandon Michael Hall and Joe Morton as Miles and Arthur on God Friended Me
Miles and his dad learned something in the God Friended Me’s winter finale. Pic credit: CBS

God Friended Me was a surprise hit when it debuted on the CBS network. There wasn’t a lot of hype surrounding it but the viewers who tuned in were pleasantly surprised. It isn’t your typical primetime show and with the mix of religion and circumstances, it looks like it may beat cancellation.

The dynamic cast of characters on God Friended Me has definitely helped to make it a semi-success for CBS. Even though it started off slower in the beginning, the winter finale came full circle and has given viewers a lot to think about while waiting for it to return after the holidays.

Was God Friended Me canceled or renewed?

At this point, there has been no indication where CBS stands with God Friended Me as far as Season 2 goes. Right now, the entire first season will play out and after that, there will likely be an official decision made.

Season 2 of God Friended Me has a good chance of happening given the steady numbers it has been seeing across 11 episodes aired. Of course, it could change moving forward when the rest of Season 1 airs, though it is expected to be given at least one more season.

When will God Friended Me return?

Last night was the winter finale of God Friended Me. The show will return on January 6, 2019, to complete the second half of Season 1. There are plenty of questions that were left hanging in the balance and now, viewers will have to wait a few weeks before more information is revealed.

God Friended Me airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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4 years ago

I have enjoyed what is a thought provoking and interesting program with well developed characters.
The content has value in many circumstances. It would be a shame to not keep it airing.