Glenn death on Walking Dead forgiven as fans vote that they forgive Negan

Glenn death on Walking Dead forgiven
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: Eliza Morse/AMC

The Glenn death on Walking Dead caused many fans to quit the show and most people hated Negan with a passion for that event.

However, time heals all wounds.

Fans forgive Negan for Glenn death on Walking Dead

In a poll released on Twitter by the official Walking Dead page, fans voted unanimously that they have forgiven Negan to the point where they are now actively rooting for him.

Yes, with 11,962 people voting in the poll, 65 percent say that they have forgiven Negan and are now actively rooting for the character. That accounts for 7,775 people voting for Negan.

On the other hand, only 15 percent voted that they still hate Negan and do not forgive him for the Glenn death on Walking Dead and the Abraham death that took place right before that. That means only 1,794 people voted that they are still anti-Negan.

Twenty percent of the voters said that they “maybe” forgive Negan, accounting for 2,392 people.

What changed for Negan?

What could cause people to start to forgive Negan is likely the relationship between the former leader of the Saviors and little Judith Grimes — the daughter of Rick.

Negan has saved Judith’s life and she has taken a liking to him. Negan has saved more people, yet no one will really trust him in the world of The Walking Dead.

After he saved Lydia from certain death by killing her attackers, he was placed back in jail. Luckily, someone broke him out and Negan is on his own, once again.

He even saved Aaron’s life before that, and no one wants to trust Negan on the show. However, looking at the viewers who at one time wanted him dead more than anything, it seems that they have forgiven him for his past crimes.

It isn’t hard.

Negan is a huge fan favorite from the comics. Even Maggie ended up forgiving him in the comic books before the end.

Now, despite the anger from Glenn’s death on Walking Dead, it seems the fans are doing the same.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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