Ginger Zee records video from her toilet to discuss ‘obsession’ — Here’s why

Ginger Zee selfie
Ginger records a video to discuss New Orleans’ water supply. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Good Morning America meteorologist Ginger Zee proved that location doesn’t necessarily matter when you’re getting a point across.

The beloved morning show anchor shared a message with her fans and followers about a topic near and dear to her heart: the environment.

Seated on her toilet, Ginger recorded herself as she held a roll of toilet paper in her hands in a TikTok video that she also shared on Instagram.

“You know what a huge topic of conversation in my house is?” Ginger asked while holding up the roll of toilet paper.

“Toilet paper,” she affirmed.

Ginger shared a story of her sons visiting their grandparents and how they remarked that the toilet paper there was so much softer than theirs at home.

Ginger Zee stresses the importance of using environmentally friendly toilet paper from her toilet seat

Ginger explained that’s because she buys environmentally-friendly toilet paper.

“And that’s because I have made us have toilet paper that is good for the planet,” Ginger explained. “Cause that’s the thing. We are obsessed with toilet paper in our country.”

She added that the U.S. uses more toilet paper per capita than any other nation.

“Per capita, 141 rolls annually, the most by any nation,” Ginger shared.

In Ginger’s estimation, there are two ways to use toilet paper: either environmentally friendly or not.

The mom of two urged her followers to purchase 100% recycled post-consumer waste toilet paper to do their part to help save Mother Earth.

She added that, if possible, consumers should go one step further and use a bidet rather than toilet paper — something that she’s put on her to-do list.

Ginger advocates for saving our planet

Ginger is a longstanding proponent of environmentally friendly practices.

The ABC News correspondent also urges her fans and followers to join her in choosing sustainable clothing.

Ginger vowed not to purchase any new clothing items and instead recycles outfits or buys them second-hand.

Earlier this week, Ginger proved that fashion doesn’t need to be fast or costly to look fantastic. She modeled a purple top and beige skirt from her ABC newsroom and, in the caption, explained how others can join her efforts.

“Along this #nonewclothes journey, renting has been key to spice up my existing wardrobe for tv!” Ginger wrote.

“Today is rented top & skirt ( @renttherunway & @wanderlux_style ) – there are so many rental options popping up like too,” she continued. “Renting isn’t ALWAYS the most environmentally friendly— but it sure beats new.”

Good Morning America airs at 7/6c on ABC.

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