Ginger Zee jumps on the Barbie trend — See the GMA star pose like the iconic doll

Ginger Zee IG selfie June 2023
Ginger snaps a selfie to send love to her fans. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

ABC News’ chief meteorologist Ginger Zee proved she can pull off any look, even if she’s channeling a Barbie doll.

The 42-year-old GMA personality had some fun this week as she geared up for the release of this summer’s most highly anticipated movie, Barbie.

Ginger posed inside a life-sized Barbie doll box, clad in a pink dress, as she struck several poses and did her best Barbie impersonation.

The famed meteorologist took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos of herself on set, having fun pretending to be the iconic plastic figure.

In the first slide of her post, Ginger put her arms to either side of herself and sported a permagrin, posing stiffly to imitate a Barbie doll.

The box Ginger stood inside read, “She’s Having the BEST DAY!” at the top, and at the bottom, along with the quintessential Barbie logo, text read, “Only In Theaters July 21” in the signature Barbie Doll font.

Ginger continued to have fun with the photo shoot, raising one leg in another image and placing one arm on the inside of the box and the other on her hip in another pose.

In the caption, Ginger wrote, “@samwnek thinks I could definitely double for ‘weird Barbie’ (character played by Kate McKinnon in @barbiethemovie ) — I agree. The only @barbie I would want to be 💞💞💞 #barbie #weirdbarbie.”

Ginger Zee’s fans think the GMA star is a Barbie Doll double

Ginger’s fans were totally on board with her take on Barbie and felt that she perfectly emulated a real-life doll.

“Ginger can definitely double for a Barbie Doll,” wrote one of her Instagram followers.

ginger zee's instagram followers comment on her recreating a barbie doll
Ginger Zee’s fans loved her recreation of a Barbie doll. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Another one of Ginger’s fans commented, “METEOROLOGIST Barbie….the best ever!!” while another Instagram user called the brunette beauty a “living doll!”

Ginger is a mental health advocate with a history of struggles of her own

Ginger is known for delivering the weather to viewers across the U.S. with a smile and her pleasant demeanor, but it hasn’t always come naturally for the popular climate activist.

Ginger was diagnosed with depression, battled anorexia, and at one point, even attempted to commit suicide. Ginger began her “dream job” at GMA in 2011, and at the time, she wanted to get to the root of her depression, which she had struggled with for over 20 years.

“I was flirting with suicidal thoughts just before I moved to New York and just knew with the pressure of a new job and the transition I always struggled with that it was time to commit to getting healthy,” Ginger told PEOPLE in 2018.

To work on getting to a healthier mental state, Ginger checked herself into a mental health facility for treatment during the most “fragile” time of her life.

Her stint in the facility was successful, and as she put it, she was able to get rid of the “demons” inside her. She discussed her brush with death in her 2017 book, Natural Disaster: I Cover Them, I Am One.

These days, Ginger credits running — the form of exercise she says comes easiest to her — and being a mom to her sons Adrian and Miles for helping her stay focused on something other than herself and stay on track mentally, which she says “has helped incredibly.”

Good Morning America airs weekdays at 7/6c on ABC.

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