Ginger Zee explains ‘time away’ from GMA job amid concern she’s leaving ABC

Ginger Zee IG selfie August 2023
Ginger shared a selfie and a motivational message with her followers. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Meteorologist Ginger Zee is taking a much-needed break from work and wants Good Morning America viewers to know why.

Ginger has become a beloved personality on daytime television in her role as the Chief Meteorologist and managing editor of the climate unit at ABC News.

Not only have viewers fallen in love with the 42-year-old’s forecast deliveries every morning but also Ginger’s bubbly personality and climate-friendly sense of fashion.

Being a busy working mom of two, Ginger is looking forward to some time off from her busy schedule.

Apparently, the last time Ginger stepped away from her duties at ABC, it caused panic among her fans, though, so she preemptively sent out a message to let her admirers know why she’ll be missing from their TV screens next week.

Earlier this week, Ginger sent out a tweet to her fans and followers, letting them know that her upcoming hiatus is for a good cause.

Ginger Zee reassured her fans that her upcoming hiatus from Good Morning America is simply a much-needed vacation

“Really looking forward to some time away next week. As a heads-up, last time I took a few days off everyone thought I died or left abc etc… I am just going to take vacation and time off social. Thank goodness,” read Ginger’s tweet.

ginger zee tweets about her upcoming vacation
Ginger preemptively shared that she’s taking a vacation next week. Pic credit: @Ginger_Zee/Twitter

Thousands of Ginger’s 2.2 million Twitter followers liked her tweet, and many of them replied, letting her know how important a break from work can be.

“Enjoy your time off. Get in some good relaxation,” wrote one of Ginger’s fans.

Another fan tweeted for Ginger to “Have a great vacation!!!” and yet another noted that “Digitally disconnecting, especially from social, is key to REAL time off! Enjoy!”

ginger zee's twitter followers respond to her upcoming vacation
Ginger’s fans supported her upcoming vacation. Pic credit: @Ginger_Zee/Twitter

While Ginger prepares for some much-needed R&R, the daytime TV personality has been keeping it real with her Instagram followers.

Ginger opened up about ‘growing’ in a vulnerable post

As a mental health advocate and suicide survivor, Ginger is open with her followers about her mental health struggles.

In a post earlier this week, Ginger uploaded a somber-looking selfie. In the pic, she rested one hand against her head with a serious expression on her face as she stared into the camera.

In her caption, she admitted that she’s been struggling a bit to smile lately and shared her techniques for pushing through rough days.

“We don’t have to smile everyday all day. Repeating all my mantras the last 24 hours,” Ginger wrote before sharing her preferred phrases to lift her spirits.

“This won’t matter a year from now. Gratitude is the attitude. Keep doing my best as I always do. The sunshine and smiles will be back. This is how we grow,” she added. “Just saying it for anyone else who needs to hear it🙌.”

Ginger’s struggles with mental health

As Monsters and Critics recently reported, Ginger recounted checking herself into the psychiatric ward of a hospital after multiple suicide attempts.

Ginger’s stint in the psych ward took place just days before taking on her “dream” position at Good Morning America, where she was deemed “unsafe” to leave the facility.

Since coming to terms with her depression diagnosis, Ginger has found that running is an important form of therapy to help her cope.

Earlier this year, Ginger told PEOPLE of her therapeutic hobby, “I believe that running kept me above rock bottom many times.”

Good Morning America airs at 7/6c on ABC.

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