Ghostly encounter turns dark as Ouija board opens door to spirit world in A Haunting

Ouija boards can be dangerous as these three siblings find out

On A Haunting this week, an encounter with a friendly ghost goes well for three siblings using a Ouija board, but things take a dark turn when a door to the spirit world is opened up.

It all just seems like a bit of fun as Carl, Cynthia, and Keith Johnson mess about with a spirit board, they even seem to contact a friendly family ghost.

The kids seem to get a message from the board directing them to the basement

However, as we’ve seen in other shows the Ouija board has associations with demonic forces such as Zozo and many people have reported disturbing experiences using them.

The board directs them to the cellar where things really do go bump in the night!

Watch  A Haunting – Dangerous Games at 9 PM on TLC.

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