Ghost Brothers interview: Shadow figures and Straight Ghosting as series returns for Season 2

Ghost Brothers Season 2 promo picture
The Ghost Brothers during the filming of Season 2. From left to right: Marcus, Dalen and Juwan

The Ghost Brothers are back for Season 2 on TLC — with a whole host of amazingly spooky episodes to come.

The series sees TV’s first African American ghost hunters — Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey — check out notoriously haunted locations to see if they’re the real deal.

Season 2 of Ghost Brothers runs for eight episodes, starting off with the trio investigating reports of paranormal activity at Thornhaven Manor in New Castle, Indiana.

They also explore the Magnolia Plantation in Derry, Louisiana, to probe claims dead slaves there are practicing voodoo in the afterlife.

We spoke to Dalen, Juwan and Marcus to find out what they’ve been up to since the first season went to air and what Season 2 has in store…

Monsters and Critics: We loved the first season of Ghost Brothers. What have you been up to since then?

Dalen Spratt: Since the first season of Ghost Brothers we have been racking our brains nonstop figuring out how to make our upcoming second season BIGGER AND BETTER! And I must say, we were very much successful! This one is for the books.

Juwan Mass: I’ve been focusing on [my and Dalen’s] clothing collection, Loren Spratt. And also just Straight Ghosting…you know, spreading this Ghost Brothers movement!

Marcus Harvey: I opened a new barber shop called The Musa Lair [Marcus is a celebrity barber in his day job], and have just been getting used to the love we get from the living and beyond!

M&C: What have we got to look forward to in Season 2?

DS: Season two is a doozy! Crazy evidence, big laughs, huge scares, and of course some kind of way Juwan’s shirt comes off… again.

JM: This season is going to be awesome! We’re investigating larger and creepier locations, we’re going international, we’re using more equipment, and these spirits are a lot more interactive!!! In the words of Chris Rock, it’s going to be “Bigger, Better, and Blacker!”

MH: There’s more of everything from equipment, locations, scary moments, laughs and evidence. We learned a lot from the first season to do more in-depth investigations, and hopefully more people will be able to get down with the way the Ghost Brothers investigate.

M&C: What was one of the most terrifying/interesting moments you had while filming Season 2?

DS: For me personally this season I have had experiences that I have never had before. I literally with my own two eyes saw a full body shadow figure walk past.

Seeing something like that in real time will seriously mess with you mentally. It’s one thing to hear doors slam, maybe a disembodied voice here and there…but to see a whole-ass person…bruh…I still sleep with the light on.

JM: We caught a shadow figure on one our DVR cameras. The crazy thing is that, the direction the shadow was traveling, it would of walked right into Marcus and I coming down the stairs.

To know a shadow may have walked through us is terrifying — and interesting at the same time.

MH: The first episode at Thornhaven Manor has some pretty jaw-dropping moments. House of Wills was also insane and many other spots had me really re-thinking my line of work!

The Ghost Brothers bring humor and good manners to the spirit world
The Ghost Brothers bring humor and good manners to the spirit world

M&C: Dalen, could you tell us more about the apparition you saw in your grandmother’s house when you were a kid? That must have been terrifying!

DS: That is one of those memories you never ever forget. I had to be about six or seven years old.

My older cousin at the time had a best friend who was dating a guy who worked for animal control in the small town.

They got into a huge domestic dispute, he ran to his truck, got his work firearm, and shot his girlfriend (my cousin’s best friend) and then shot himself. She survived, he didn’t.

It being such a small town, everyone knew everyone. My grandmother had a best friend, you know, the kind of old lady that would ask you for a hug then pinch you hard as hell once you got close to her. Yeah that kind of old lady!

Like some 60-year-old KIDS the pair of them had the bright idea to go to the funeral home and view the body…and to bring little ole me with them.

I mean, I have always been “bout it” (willing to jump in head first) so I didn’t think much of it…I remember walking into the funeral home and walking up to the casket with my grandma and her friend.

The guy was laying in the casket wearing a light grey suit, white shirt, and thin black tie. I vividly remember saying to myself and then asking my grandma, “why does he look so normal if he was shot?”. She informed me that the funeral home did a really good job, that’s why.

Then my grandmother’s friend asked me, at the tender age of six or seven, if I had ever touched a dead body…really?? I’m seven lady!

I should have said, “Yes I touch dead bodies all the time” just to see her reaction.

She then grabs my hand and puts it on the chest of the guy in the casket. I’m looking at my grandma like “you just gone let this happen? This has to be against some kind of child protection law.”

Afterwards we left. That night I was asleep in the living room of my grandma’s house when I suddenly woke up out my sleep.

I remember clear as day looking into the door-frame of the kitchen and living room and seeing that same exact guy from the casket standing in the doorway…wearing the exact same light grey suit, white shirt, and thin black tie.

He had his arm on the door frame as if he was leaning up against it resting…just watching me.

I screamed and pulled the covers over my head. My grandma came running in and pulled the covers off of me. I looked toward the door frame and the guy was gone.

Maybe it was a dream, maybe it wasn’t. Til this day I still have no idea. That vision is just burned into my memory and I’ve always kept it in the back of my mind…I still have so many questions.

M&C: You all came from religious families. What do your families make of what you do?

DS: The thing about my family…right, wrong, or indifferent, we ride for one another. So I can honestly say I have their FULL support.

They may not agree with my decisions at times but they respect and love me enough to allow me to follow my own path without much flak from them.

Then again, we ARE on TV sooooo…they could just be being on their best behavior so they can get that Bentley come Season 10!

JM: My family supports it. They love the fact that I’m exploring the unknown for myself. Not to mention, my mother loves to say “if you’re a Ghost Brother, then I’m a Ghost Mother”!!!

M&C: What does the future hold for the Ghost Brothers?

DS: To be completely honest, the sky’s the limit for us. We never in a million years ever imagined that we would be blessed with this opportunity.

We will never put limits on God, take His blessings for granted, or ever get beside ourselves. We want to continue to work and inspire others to get up, get out, and think outside the box. SEASON 10 here we come!

JM: Who knows…100 episodes? An Emmy? A Ghost Brothers International? The sky is really the limit.

I could not have fathomed all that has happened, so I would not put a limit on what the future holds. I just don’t want it to die.

MH: The sky is truly the limit for us. I believe we want to be great at whatever we do from investigating to continuing to open up the minds of our friends and family.

Hopefully you’ll see more of the Ghosting Movement. #StayWoke.

Ghost Brothers airs Fridays at 9/8c on TLC.

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