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George R. R. Martin gives a health update after contracting COVID-19

Author George R. R. Martin has now tested negative for Covid-19
Author George R. R. Martin has now tested negative for Covid-19. Pic credit: Raya Golden/YouTube

After the recent San Diego Comic-Con event, news filtered in that Game of Thrones author, George R. R. Martin, had contracted Covid-19.

Initially, it was expected the author would not be attending the convention after making a blog post stating so. However, it was later clarified that he would still be attending the Q & A panel for HBO’s new epic fantasy series, House of the Dragon.

Fans were excited to see the author at the panel and there were many questions asked about the new TV series, which is a prequel to the original show Game of Thrones that focuses on House Targaryen.

The author made sure to limit his exposure to people, pulling out of the meet and greet part way through the event and not doing any signings with fans. He also opted to pre-sign merchandise prior to SDCC.

“I decided to be very cautious and conservative. I did the panel, and that was a lot of fun … but I skipped all of the parties. I did not go on the convention floor and I canceled my in-person autographing,” the author said in a vlog shared on his website.

He then traveled to Los Angeles for the next leg of his promotional tour. It was here that he discovered he had recently contracted Covid-19 and had to go into isolation.

George R. R. Martin gives a Covid-19 update

Fans have been concerned about Martin’s health, as the actor is 73 years old and this is an age group that can be adversely affected by Covid-19.

However, the author has since given an update via video that reveals how he is faring with the illness.

Martin opens up by reminding fans that he is giving a video update because he is presently in a hotel room and doesn’t have access to his computer.

But, then, he gives the best news of all.

“Good news,” Martin says. “As of my Covid test this morning, I am now negative. So, I’ve been through the worst of it.”

Luckily, the author was fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and appears to have come out the other end with only the mildest of symptoms. Martin revealed during the vlog that the worst he suffered was a very sore throat, along with some coughing and a few sniffles.

You can check out George R. R. Martin’s full vlog post below.

It’s hopefully back to work for George R. R. Martin soon

While Martin is now testing negative for Covid-19, his assistant is still testing positive so there will still be a delay when it comes to the author returning to his busy schedule.

Prior to contracting the illness, Martin had arrived in Los Angeles ahead of the premiere of Episode 1 of House of the Dragon, expecting to attend the red carpet event. He also had a slew of meetings he was to attend which had to be canceled due to his isolation period.

So, it is expected he will now try to reschedule at least some of the meetings, but it is likely he will still have to wait until his assistant comes back with a negative result.

George R. R. Martin is the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series on which Game of Thrones is based. The spinoff series, House of the Dragon, will premiere on August 21 on HBO Max.

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