Gear Dogs exclusive: Nate Boyer’s Wild West ‘shootout’ over Chevy C10

Nate Boyer on Gear Dogs
Nate greets Kal, the prospective buyer of the restored Chevy C10, on this week’s Gear Dogs

On tonight’s Gear Dogs on Discovery, Kultured Customs owner Nate Boyer ends up in a Wild West “shootout” as he tries to get a refurbished 1970 Chevy C10 sold for $50,000.

During the episode, he and the vehicle’s co-owner Chris Goodall — who is taking a 10-day “vacation” to use Boyer’s community garage to redo his classic shortbed — have different views about how it should look.

Nate, who will get a cut of the final sale, reveals the pair have invested $30,000 in the truck so need to sell it for at least $50,000 to meet their goal of $20,000 profit.

But he believes that to get that price the pair are going to have to renovate the truck his way, giving it a more modern look.

Will he be able to convince Chris — who has travelled 200 miles to use Nate’s garage facility — to come round to his way of thinking?

Watch our exclusive Gear Dogs clip below as Nate meets the C10’s prospective buyer Kal and his son Aidan, and prepares for a negotiation — Wild West style.

Gear Dogs airs Mondays at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery.

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