Gayle King blasted for Wayne Brady interview, including ‘dangerous’ question

gayle king face shot from cbs mornings april 2024 episode
Gayle King appears during a CBS Mornings interview segment. Pic credit: CBS

The Wiz has returned in a Broadway revival starring Wayne Brady, Deborah Cox, and others.

The cast includes Emmy-winner Brady in the show’s titular role and Grammy-winning Cox as Glinda the Good Witch.

They’ve been appearing on various morning programs and talk shows to promote their big event by discussing their roles, what this show represents, and more.

The co-stars recently appeared on CBS Mornings and talked to Gayle King, Tony Dokoupil, and Vladimir Duthiers.

While some may have found the interview entertaining and insightful, several critics called Gayle out for her involvement in the segment.

In particular, one question Gayle asked drew criticism from a viewer, while another brought up something else that bothered them about the interview.

Wayne Brady and Deborah Cox talked The Wiz on CBS Mornings

The Wiz stars Wayne Brady and Deborah Cox promoted their musical during a CBS Mornings interview with Gayle asking several questions.

As Cox was speaking about being ready for The Wiz’s opening night, she mentioned how hard their crew has worked on this, including director Schele Williams.

“Shout out Schele Williams,” Brady added.

Gayle mentioned she’d visited with Schele during a rehearsal for something for Oprah Daily and called the director a “force.”

“She was saying, ‘This is so much bigger than just a play. So much bigger than a revival.’ She says, ‘This is a moment.’ Do you all feel this?” Gayle asked Cox and Brady.

Brady agreed that he feels that way about it and wants to be a part of it because of what it represents.

“I recognize what this moment in time as a culture, what it means, what The Wiz means to us when we were growing up, to what it means now to introduce it to a new generation…And how can you not wanna be part of that?” Brady said.

Cox said she loves playing Glinda because she’s a “whimsical, fun, empowering character.”

During the interview, Gayle asked Brady what he meant when he said he wanted to be “likable yet dangerous” in his role as The Wiz.

“I mean exactly that. What’s the fun in playing something- because humans are so nuanced and especially in something that’s fantastical like this, you want layers, and you want it to be fun because it is a children’s story,” he explained.

“You want to supply twists and turns. It would be no fun for me as an actor to play just one thing,” Brady said.

Some viewers called out Gayle as ‘negative’ and ‘awful’ for her role in the interview

In an Instagram clip from the CBS Mornings interview, several viewers reacted to Gayle’s involvement.

“Wow out of everything he said he got questioned on ‘dangerous’ why must we always go for the negative smh,” a viewer wrote who also said they saw The Wiz live earlier this year and the “whole family enjoyed it.”

Another commenter called out Gayle, writing how she is “getting worse with interrupting and name dropping!!”

“Would have been a great interview, if Gayle shut her mouth,” they commented, adding, “She’s awful!!!”

screenshot shows viewer comments on instagram clip about gayle king interview with wayne brady
CBS Mornings viewers weigh in. Pic credit: @cbsmornings/Instagram

Viewers called out Gayle’s ‘interrupting’ on CBS Mornings before

It’s not the first time some viewers have criticized Gayle for interrupting during CBS Mornings segments.

Earlier this month, the show shared an Instagram post featuring a clip of her colleague Tony talking about his mug shot. He revealed it was due to a speeding ticket incident years ago while he was in North Dakota.

Gayle and Vladimir were also at the table as Tony discussed the situation on air. They had several laughs, with Gayle also interjecting comments as Tony gave his story.

“She doesn’t let anyone get a word in. Annoyingly Childish,” a frustrated viewer commented.

“Constantly interrupting,” another said, while one suggested, “Maybe Gayle has ADHD?”

“People with ADHD interrupt others a lot, but not deliberately,” the commenter wrote.

screenshot shows viewers calling out gayle king for cbs mornings style and interrupting
Gayle King has some detractors. Pic credit: @cbsmornings/Instagram

While that commenter made a valid point, another indicated they “have ADHD and learned not to interrupt.”

“Gayle is a professional. It is disrespectful and annoying to listen to someone be interrupted,” the commenter wrote.

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Marvin McCoo
Marvin McCoo
1 month ago

Gayle is not professional, she might think that it’s cool when she interrupted a person. It’s disrespectful, annoying and rude.