Game of Thrones Starbucks cup: Did you catch the coffee cup mistake?

Jon Snow raises his cup, which is clearly not the Starbucks cup.
Jon Snow raises his cup, which is clearly not the Starbucks cup. Pic credit: HBO

House Stark’s sigil is a grey direwolf, but they might have to change it to Starbucks’ Melusine. Did you catch the to-go coffee cup in last night’s Game of Thrones big Stark mess hall “we beat the Walkers” blow out celebration?

It is safe to say that this coffee cup gaffe is making a latte commotion on social media this morning.

Someone might have a talking to today that worked with the set decorator and prop master – those below the liners responsible for setting the actual scenes with the correct items meant to be seen on camera.

At the very least, the continuity (script) supervisor for the series may be at fault as well.

It’s a huge oops and thanks to bigger higher definition televisions, everybody now sees these little mistakes and has a huge platform to shout about it.

The previous week had a very dark (some say too dark) and violent battle for survival but this week was all about celebrating the win and maybe starting some romance – at the beginning of it anyway.

And we had loads of lovely Winterfell fireplaces to admire this week as well.

The Starks at Winterfell sure know how to throw a party and the victorious Jon Snow and Wildling Tormund Giantsbane really got schnockered as a quietly annoyed Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen watched the Northerners tie one on.

Apparently, someone needed a coffee to get through this long scene!

Game of Thrones has suffered slings and arrows along with lofty accolades about their costly visual effects, so this almost feels like it was a plant but surely it was never meant to be caught on camera.

As the night progressed and the party raged, Daenerys, Ser Davos Seaworth, Brienne of Tarth, Jamie and Tyrion Lannister (in the best drinking game scene ever) plus Sansa toasted Arya dispatching the Night King in her brave eleventh-hour kill.

A few were clearly not up to celebrating as hardy, namely Dany and The Hound, who is perpetually a curmudgeon.

Check  out the Twitter detective work:

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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