Galindo cartel on Mayans MC: Everything you need to know

Danny Pino
Miguel Galindo didn’t come for the BS, he’s all business on Mayans MC — Pic credit: FX

Mayans MC Spoiler Alert – Do not read any further if you have not seen episode 2 “Escorpion/Dzec,” airing September 11.

Tonight’s episode of FX’s Mayans MC will completely underline the contentious nature of the Galindo cartel and its main players against their hired muscle, the Mayans MC.

The Galindo cartel has a long history with the California 1%ers and if Sons of Anarchy fans remember, Clay Morrow got into bed with them heavily doing side deals back in season four of Sons.

But just who is the Galindo cartel and what is their importance in Kurt Sutter and Elgin James’ mega violent series that doesn’t flinch?

Let’s discuss:


Danny Trejo in Sons of Anarchy
Romero ‘Romeo’ Parada in talks here with Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy — Pic credit: FX

In Sons of Anarchy, the Sonora, Mexico Galindo cartel was first introduced via Romero ‘Romeo’ Parada, a lieutenant in the Galindo Cartel, portrayed by Danny Trejo.

They became a story point during Sons of Anarchy series’ fourth season, with their main focus of revenue was cocaine trafficking. Jose Galindo and his crew were said to be warring and at odds with the Lobos Sonora cartel.

The twist was that the Galindo cartel members Clay did business with to mule the drugs were CIA plants. This kept SAMCRO from being charged under the RICO act in exchange for Jax brokering arms with the Irish.

But the bigger fly in the ointment was that the Irish were loyal to Clay.

The hitch is the Irish will work only with Clay. Romeo (Trejo) and Luis Torres (Benito Martinez) were planted as CIA operatives from the onset, but keeping that fact hidden as the season progressed was a challenge.

Mayan leader and godfather Marcus Alvarez brought them to the Sons’ party, where Romeo agreed to purchase weapons and guns from the Sons and wanted Clay to pick up the cocaine in a secret side deal that Jax gets wind of and sets him on fire against his step-dad.

Clay was cornered dead to rights and said that the Galindo cartel were the ones who could stop the Russians from retaliating against the Sons after Opie’s crazy wedding. Jax knew this was a total in-it-for-himself greed move on Clay’s part, who had little fealty to the club at this point.

So, the Galindo cartel has a complicated history with both the Sons and the Mayans MC, and is now headed by an elitist leader with an Ivy League education who refers to a poor soul he was torturing who witnessed his son Cristóbal’s kidnapping as a “greasy peasant,” enraging EZ (JD Pardo) who makes a bold move by calling him out on this.

That scene also reveals that the Mayans MC has little love for Miguel after they leave the “pew” where Miguel does his evil handiwork.

Galindo Members – led by Miguel Galindo

Danny Pino
Ice water runs through Miguel Galindo’s veins

Son of Jose Galindo, father (we think… I have my doubts)  of the kidnapped Cristóbal, and brother to the late Cristóbal who tonight we find out was a sacrificial lamb made by his father who refused to bend to the Sonora cartel.

Miguel is thoroughly strategic, intellectual, and utterly ruthless. This Cornell graduate is elitist, smug, cruel, cold and without any actual normal responses a father would have if his baby son was snatched by stone cold rebels who kill to get their point across.

His wife is EZ Reyes’ first love, played by Sarah Bolger. Bolger plays her role almost similar to Godfather actress Diane Keaton in that she is an erudite Caucasian American who kind of knows what is going on, but not anywhere near the full extent.  She is the dangerous wildcard for Miguel as he likely does not know the prospect (EZ Reyes) and his wife were lovers.

Spanning two worlds as well as lower and upper-class Mexicans and Americans, Miguel uses violence and threats the way real business people would use contracts and business meetings.

Has Pino worked with Kurt Sutter before?

Danny Pino on The Shield
Pino and Sutter go back to The Shield days — Pic credit: FX

Yes! The Shield fans may remember him as Armando “Armadillo” Quintero, a Mexican gang boss looking to hijack and control Farmington’s drug trade.

Pino also was cast as Scotty Valens on the crime series, Cold Case. Pino is cast as Tito in the upcoming third season of Netflix’s One Day At A Time with Rita Moreno, in a story that follows three generations of a Cuban-Americans in Los Angeles.

Nestor played by Gino Vento

Gino Vento on Mayans MC
Nestor is the right hand of Miguel in the Cartel — Pic credit: FX

You will get more of a sense of Nestor and his place in the story tonight. He is the trusted childhood friend and right hand to Miguel that makes sure the Mayans MC do what they are told.

Needless to say, the Mayans hate Nestor passionately.

Devante played by Tony Plana

Devante is oleaginous as the consigliere to Miguel in the Galindo Cartel
Devante is oleaginous as the consigliere to Miguel in the Galindo Cartel — Pic credit: FX

You will love to hate this guy tonight. Devante the consigliere of the family breaks the news to Miguel about his older brother Cristóbal, who was kidnapped as a young child and subsequently killed just to prove a point that his father Jose never bent or negotiate with traitors.

Not exactly what you want to hear when your son Cristóbal is spirited away by Los Olvidados (aka The Rebels, aka The Forgotten) and their leader Adelita (Carla Baratta) who also happens to be pregnant with Angel Reyes’ baby.

Mayans MC airs on Tuesday nights on FX.

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