FXX groundbreaking Cake debuts Samantha Jayne’s Quarter Life Poetry video, preview

Samantha Jayne in a still from her previewed video where she contemplates if its worth it to leave her TV and go out. Pic credit: FXX
Samantha Jayne in a still from her previewed video where she contemplates if it’s worth it to leave her TV and go out. Pic credit: FXX

On tonight’s Cake on FXX, you will peek into the mind of creative comedians and personalities who see the world through a distinct lens presented in clever vignettes.

According to Samantha Jayne, life for millennials seems fraught with anxiety, loneliness, and ambivalence at living life outside the apartment and away from the fallback Friday night stretchy pants and “Netflix and chill.”

Jayne is part of a generation who never knew life before smartphones and social media. In a stunning fly on the wall video, she is all angst as she contemplates getting out of her comfort zone and into the world of socializing. The music video is titled “Quarter Life Poetry: Damn I Love This Friday Night.”

What is Cake?

Cake is a new weekly showcase, featuring live-action and animated comedy programming in a stream of consciousness mode.

FXX describes it best: “Cake is a handcrafted assortment of bite-sized shorts carefully curated and served up as a tasty treat for the mind.”

Cake promises a path less traveled array of content as fresh new narratives from storytellers fill this half-hour weekly showcase.

There will be live-action and animated comedy programs described by the network as “equal parts thought-provoking, laugh-inducing, artistic, authentic and raw.”

What is Quarter Life Poetry?

Samantha Jayne’s Quarter Life Poetry, based on the book and Instagram account, are memes and vignettes about the anxiety of adulting. It shows life as the twenties dissolve into the thirties, and life catches up with that generation.

It’s a generation she describes as “woke.” It is one grappling with financial stressors, cultural shifts, dating in an impersonal swipe left/right world, and where to find the best eye cream.

Jayne’s full-length music video appears in Season 1, Episode 1. Jayne goes through the motions of rejigging her Friday night plans only to wind up struggling to return to her own home and bed.

Created, written by and starring Samantha Jayne, this fun short was directed by Arturo Perez Jr. Samantha Jayne, Christian Hanlon, and Dom La Nena created the music.

Who is featured on Cake?

Cake will have content from Oh Jerome No, Jayne’s Quarter Life Poetry,  Two Pink Doors, Psychotown, Drifters,  Daytime Noir,  The Places Where We Live, the Joe Bennett Collection, BeSheMoth and more.


Visit Cake on Facebook, Giphy, Instagram, and Twitter.

Cake airs Wednesdays (beginning September 25) at 10:30p ET/PT on FXX.

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