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From the warms of Zanzibar in East Africa to the chillier Alesund in Norway on The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race takes in the amazing sights and sounds of the very exotic Zanzibar

The Amazing Race 29 continues this week as the teams take in the stunning islands of Zanzibar, Tanzania — then head to the chillier climes of Norway.

This Tanzania leg sees them tackle some very tricky boxes and chests that have more to them that meets the eye.

Then it’s a matter of matching the keys to the correct symbols and moving on.

Tonight the teams will travel from East Africa to Northern Europe
The teams will travel over 8000 miles from East Africa to Northern Europe as The Amazing Race continues

The region is also famous for its amazing metal work with craftsmen retaining skills that have been passed down over hundreds of years. As the teams test their own mettle it remains to be seen which teams will bend and which will break.

Later they will be leaving the sunny shores of East Africa and heading to the somewhat chillier climes of Norway.

Alesund in Norway is a picturesque town
Alesund in Norway is a picturesque town but a bit colder than Africa

However, they will soon turn up the heat as they visit Alesund and aid in the construction of a 13-story bonfire!


The first few weeks have seen the teams compete across South America as they took on challenges in Panama and Brazil.

The Amazing Race 29 airs on Thursdays at 9PM on CBS.

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