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Friends leaving Netflix: The run is about to come to an end

Ross Sandwich
The one where Ross finds out someone ate his Thanksgiving sandwich from Monica. Pic credit: Friends TV

Friends is leaving Netflix very soon, and time is running out for subscribers to watch the catalog of episodes. All 10 seasons of Friends have been on Netflix for a while, and it is one of the most-watched shows on the streaming service.

HBO Max now has a contract in place to air episodes of Friends beginning in 2020, which is why its run on Netflix is about to come to an end. Luckily, there is still a bit of time to binge-watch the show before it’s too late.

When does Friends leave Netflix?

The last day to watch Friends on Netflix is December 31, 2019. When the calendar flips over to the new year, the show will be gone. For viewers that want to continue having full access, it will then require a subscription to HBO Max.

For Netflix users who don’t watch Friends, it may be difficult to understand how big this change is going to be for Netflix and HBO Max. Despite the show ending on NBC many years ago, it still retains a lot of popularity.

This is why it does so well in syndication and why Netflix paid so much to include it on the service.

The popularity of some shows doesn’t wain once they come to an end. This is one of them. That will likely also be the case for NCIS when it comes to an end.

Rebroadcast episodes of the show and its two spin-offs draw a lot of viewers, especially when counting the syndicated seasons popping up on other networks.

Friends was an institution at NBC for a very long time and continues to do very well on Nickelodeon at night. That probably won’t end anytime soon, which is why there is also a lot of interest for a Friends reunion to take place.

There had been several rumors that a reunion could be in the works.

If you are a fan of Friends who has enjoyed watching past episodes on Netflix, take advantage of the final few days where you can view some of the hilarious holiday episodes before the new year hits.