Amazon drops Hand of God Season 2: Will Pernell clear his name?

Ron Perlman as Pernell Harris and Dana Delany as wife Crystal. Will he be able to clear his name?

Mystery psychological thriller Hand of God today continues the story of tortured judge Pernell Harris (Ron Perlman) in a twisty drama that tries to reconcile his vigilante justice actions.

Season 2 has dropped on Amazon with Pernell’s trial for murder under way, as KD (Garret Dillahunt) tries to uncover the identity of a mystery witness.

Pernell’s wife Crystal (Dana Delany) is back in Stockton trying to sort through her feelings for Pernell who refuses to let her go.

But this taut and tense season, Pernell’s visions are back and, with Chief Toby watching his every move, Pernell skips bail in a bid for answers.

He sees a renowned neurologist to unravel the mysteries of his brain.

Combining a police procedural with a mystery thriller, Hand of God connects the dots between serving justice, dirty cops, faith, mental health, and family bonds like no other series.

Will Pernell restore his relationship with Crystal? Will he survive his trial? Many questions will be revealed.

The clip below shows Pernell suffering as he cannot winnow hallucination from reality awaiting his trial for murder.

He gets KD to help uncover the identity of a “mystery witness” set to testify against him.

Hand of God Season 2 is live for all Amazon Prime members from today, March 10, 2017

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