Fresh take on accessories and outdoor clothes for girls on Project Runway: Fashion Startup finale

Project Runway: Fashion Startup
Pitching for $80,000 on the Project Runway: Fashion Startup finale

This week in the season finale of Project Runway: Fashion Startup, two moms pitch their clothes range for girls who like the outdoors and another team impress with their accessory revamp.

$80,000 for a startup described as a dance retail store and a food truck had a baby…sound intriguing but will the investors bite?

Another team are after $200K for an idea that some of the investors like, but they feel the price point is too high.

The third team boast of a Havard MBA and a business plan, that they say is worth a million dollars – they are seeking $500K.

Watch Project Runway: Fashion Startup – On Point at 11 PM on Lifetime.

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