Freddie Roach’s crazy Kinkos fight on Undeniable with Dan Patrick, preview

Freddy Roach mixed it up at a Kinkos, one of many great stories on Undeniable with Dan Patrick. Pic credit: AT&T Audience
Freddie Roach mixed it up at a Kinkos, one of many great stories on Undeniable with Dan Patrick. Pic credit: AT&T Audience

Fans of journalist Dan Patrick and his amazing ability to draw out the best stories from sports luminaries and other famous people can dine on the premiere of Undeniable with Dan Patrick, airing tonight and featuring the boxing legend, Freddie Roach.

In our preview, Patrick had a revealing one-on-one with Freddie Roach about an odd Kinkos fight encounter. Later in the interview, Roach recalled a violent childhood (father) plus his intense and complicated relationship with boxer Manny Pacquiao, and how Parkinson’s Disease affected him over the years and how he manages it.

Last August Monsters and Critics caught up with Dan Patrick when this series was announced and talked about what viewers could expect.

Massachusetts native Roach is considered one of boxing’s top trainers, a fighter himself during the earlier years of his career.  Parkinson’s disease halted his time inside the ring, but Roach continued to coach and advise both boxers and MMA fighters.

In the clip, Roach recalled the amusing anecdote about a Kinkos trip gone terribly wrong.

Patrick pointedly asked him: “What happened in your last fistfight?”

Roach said: “I was in Kinkos… of all places.”

Patrick was completely bemused at this point. “Of course! Because that’s where most fights happen!”

Roach didn’t miss a beat. “Of course.  But so the customers have an argument with the manager and the manager comes out with a remark that was kind of funny so I laughed… and the big guy – a 6-6 [tall] guy, he looks at me said what are you laughing at? I says… YOU!”

Roach continued: “He says: ‘I’ll kick your ass, and I said, ‘I don’t think so.'”

The story got even crazier.

Roach added: “So he walks me back into the corner and then pulls his hand back and he swings at me and I hit my counter left hook, so and then I knock him out with the left hook and then he’s laying there and then the police… they start all rushing in and they started to hit me with the batons and everyone in Kinkos said: ‘no no no it’s not him it’s the other guy!'”

“So I get arrested and I told the one police officer… I says, ‘you know I says you’re pretty tough with those batons that day’ and so forth… I said, ‘but if you ever want to finish this, just come down my gym one day and we’ll like go in the ring, okay?’ and I never get a reply back!”

Undeniable is described as an “in-depth interview-style show” and is now currently in its sixth season.

The series gives legendary athletes and coaches a platform to share anecdotal stories of their personal lives and their philosophies.


Filmed in front of an audience and hosted by Dan Patrick, Undeniable creates a genuine and honest conversation about who these legends are, how they approach things, what they’ve learned and what lies ahead. The show doesn’t search for controversy but rather seeks insight into true icons of the game and how they’ve succeeded so far above the rest.

Undeniable with Dan Patrick airs Wednesdays (Premiere Date: February 20, 2019) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on AT&T Audience Network – DIRECTV Channel 239.


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