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Fortress Clothing on Shark Tank: Where to buy this cold-weather wear and how does it work?

Fortress is a cold weather clothing company that keeps you warm even when you're wet
Fortress Clothing boasts that they keep you warm even when you’re wet. Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Dale Lewis is the man behind Fortress Clothing, a line of “insulation wear” that claims to keep the wearer warm even in instances when they get wet. Lewis is bringing the clothing to Shark Tank with hopes that it will interest the investors enough that he can walk away with a deal.

Originally made for the paragliding community, Fortress Clothing is now worn by a variety of consumers who are trying to stay warm in a cold-weather climate. This includes outdoor enthusiasts, snowsport athletes, industrial workers, and public safety personnel.

This line of cold weather clothing claims to keep the wearer warm whether they are wet or dry in conditions as cold as -10 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s really cold!

Fortress Clothing also has really good reviews from those who have purchased it, which is a good thing because this line of cold-weather gear is definitely not cheap.  In fact, adult-sized mittens run from $49.99 to 99.99.

There is a range of different clothing types, but the ones that will keep you the warmest can run anywhere from $299.99 for a pair of pants to $449.99 for a parka. There is also a selection of Fortress Clothing for kids.

And while Fortress Clothing may be costly, it works. The garments use Aeris®, a patented insulation technology that keeps body heat in and wicks moisture away. The technology even boasts that the wearer can move from cold to warmer temperatures like going from outside to indoors without discomfort.

Those looking to purchase Fortress Clothing can do so on their website. Currently, they are running a 10 percent off special in celebration of their appearance on Shark Tank. Don’t forget to use code WARMCORE10% at checkout.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.