Former USA memory champion Ram Kolli bada bings ‘chef’ Mike Tyson in exclusive Superhuman clip

Ram Kolli on Superhuman
‘Chef’ Mike Tyson serves up the mystery meal that memory whiz Ram has to guess on Superhuman

On tonight’s episode of new Fox series Superhuman, former USA Memory Champion Ram Kolli stuns Mike Tyson and the studio audience as he recalls a super-tough menu order.

In the challenge, Kolli has to scan and memorize more than 10 three course meal orders — over 30 items — and perfectly deliver the list that individual guests ordered without omission.

In our exclusive clip, former heavyweight boxing champion Tyson dresses in full Italian chef regalia as he brings out the first order hidden with plate covers.

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Kolli, who has won the USA Memory Championships twice, then proceeds to recall exactly what was ordered by the first “guest” — bruschetta, lobster ravioli, and chocolate biscotti.

Close-up of Ram Kolli on Superhuman
Ram recalls the items that were ordered, matching them to the correct plates
The "guest" claps after Ram gets all the dishes right
The “guest” is truly amazed Ram got her order right after all the dishes he was forced to memorize

Superhuman on Fox is summer fun for brainiacs and sees host Kal Penn, aided by panelists Mike Tyson and Christina Milian, meet gifted people who compete for $50,000 and the title of Superhuman.

Think of it as America’s Got Talent for really smart people.

Five contestants are pitted against each other with talents like photographic memory, identifying arcane and unusual smells (a skill!) knowing what bird calls are being made and translating backward language.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode below:

Ram Can Tell You Any Order Of A Customer Among Many People | Season 1 Ep. 3 | SUPERHUMAN

Superhuman airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX

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