Forky Asks a Question review: Disney+ brings Toy Story to TV

Disney+ brings Toy Story to kids with Forky Asks a Question
Forky Asks a Question on Disney+. Pic credit: Pixar Creative Services

Disney+ finally hit streaming services everywhere on November 12 and had a few new original streaming series hit on launch.

One of those was the Toy Story inspired animated series, Forky Asks a Question. As the title suggests, this series stars Forky from the most recent release, Toy Story 4.

For those who missed that latest Pixar film, Forky was a toy made out of a spork who came to life in a confused state among the other toys in Bonnie’s house.

He was a very creative construct since he was a created toy in a kid movie that asked a very un-childlike question — what is life?

Yeah, it was that deep and weird.

As for the new Disney+ series, the format is simple. Each episode sees Forky ask a question, as he tries to learn more about life.

The first episode, which premiered at launch, was Forky Asks a Question: What is Money?

To answer this question, he gets helps from Hamm (the pig from the Toy Story movies voiced by John Ratzenberger). And yes, that is Ratzenberger (from Cheers and the Super Buddies movies) voicing Hamm in the Disney+ series as well.

If you are wondering if Forky Asks a Question is for you, the answer is simple. This Pixar animated Disney+ series is for little kids, as it answers the simplest of questions (the second episode which airs on Nov. 15 asks “What is a Friend?”).

However, the episodes are very short, checking it at around three minutes, including the post-credit sequence.

The humor is goofy, with the first episode seeing Forky discover his spinning eyeballs while Hamm looks on in astonishment. The second features a ceramic mug that Forky considers his friend.

If you love Pixar’s brand of smart absurdist humor, Forky Asks a Question is a quick watch and could be a great way to start the day off with a smile. If you have little kids, it is a great teaching moment for kids, as well.

Forky Asks a Question airs exclusively on Disney+.

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