Floribama Shore spoilers: Kortni Gilson’s boyfriend Logan has a criminal past, new restraining order

Kortni Gilson on Floribama Shore
Kortni got more than she bargained for with Logan

Kortni Gilson arrived at the beach house on Floribama Shore in a relationship. Logan was introduced to her housemates and viewers during the season premiere when everyone went out the first night.

Initially, the Floribama Shore cast members were impressed with Logan. Aimee commented on how Kortni did well for herself. All seemed to be fine until there was a little too much alcohol consumed.

There was a scene during the season premiere of Floribama Shore that had fans a bit concerned. Logan was angry at Kortni and confronted her in the cab while the cameras rolled.

Of course, Kortni was drunk and Logan didn’t like the way she was acting. He was upset because she was a reflection on him, though many didn’t agree with that at all.

As it turns out, Logan has a sordid past that has come to light since he appeared as Kortni Gilson’s boyfriend on Floribama Shore. Not only does it entail prior arrests, but there was a restraining filed by Gilson and other “persons” who are assumed to be the cast and crew of Floribama Shore.

Starcasm dug up the reports and mug shots from Logan’s arrest and priors. He violated the initial protection order that was asked for back in April on May 18.

It was reported that Logan was seen skateboarding in front of Kortni’s house earlier in the day. Later on, he was accused of sneaking into a club where Kortni and her friends were partying and confronting them.

It wasn’t until Logan saw someone, reportedly Floribama Shore producer Sean Hogan, on the phone with police before he took off.

Floribama Shore was filming, so there is a chance this will be shown. Could this be when the housemates fought with Logan in the previews?

During the Season 2 teaser that was released, there were questions about someone in the house possibly ending up pregnant. Does this also coincide with the Kortni and Logan saga?

At this point, he is out of the picture and Gilson is moving on after dealing with the alleged harassment and stalking.

Floribama Shore airs on Monday nights 10/9c on MTV.

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